UAE Guides: Safe Driving - Defensive Driving For Safety

May 18th 2021 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Safe Driving - Defensive Driving For Safety

Safe driving is an absolute need for today.

Did you even know?

International studies suggest that 95% of accidents happen because of human error!

So, how to become a safe drier amidst this chaos?

Here, we discuss some of the safe driving techniques, why is it even important to drive safely, road safety messages for drivers, and what are some of the qualities of a safe driver?

That being said, let’s dive nose-first into the following content to find out!

Tips To Do Safe Driving - Driver Safety Awareness:

  1. Keep enough space ahead!

This is necessary to be conscious of safe driving.

Keeping the space between you and the driver ahead is simply understanding the chances of human error and emergency.

The person ahead of you can stop immediately in case of an emergency.

So it is safe to drive by keeping a two seconds gap between you and the driver ahead or the other way to look at it is by keeping such distance that you can see the bumper of the vehicle that's ahead of you.

  1. Stay Attentive!

It is important to look out for the safety signs for safe driving.

These signs may be very hard to see when you are driving in heavy rain, but for that, keep your wipers working!

Overlooking important road signs can also result in accidents and even a violation of the law. So stay attentive and look out for the road signs for driving safety!

  1. Avoid Sudden Turns & Frequent Lane Changes!

One of the major objectives of safe driving is to avoid triggering people on the road and avoid getting triggered as well.

Remember, one of the keys to safe driving is avoiding such situations and staying away from conflict-causing acts.

One such among those acts is sudden turns and frequent lane changes.

You need to avoid this at all costs as it not only causes other drivers to get confused but they can get much triggered as well.

This whole scenario can turn into a drama of road rage and put fellow drivers at the risk too. Be safe on the road!

  1. Monitor your Surroundings!

Monitoring your surroundings is essential to safe driving.

How to do that?

Keep your eyes open and scanning what's going on in the back.

Stay attentive by looking at the side-view mirrors and the rear-view mirror as well to stay on the safer side of any chaotic situation. Stay attentive and stay safe on the road.

  1. Take Care of your Speed!

When you ask about my road safety, one of the essentials for road safety is keeping your speed according to the present conditions.

However, here's a side note as a road safety message: Safe driving requires you to match your speed with the current situation and conditions.

However, if the current situation or conditions are speedier than the limits mentioned on the road sign, then pull aside and stop until the road gets cleared of the fanatics.

Do you see? It takes is 1 safe driver to keep things smooth!

  1. Be Prepared For The Worst!

One of the Keys 4 safe driving is that you prepare yourself for the worst.

When you do this, you will be able to make decisions not only more vigilantly but you'll be able to drive cautiously as well.

Remember, the government can't vouch for you by writing a safe driver on license.

It is you who have to be careful by speaking through actions.

Why is safe driving important?

Safe Driving is important because all lives matter and the laws matter too.

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By driving carefully, you are not only contributing to saving the lives of those who are next to you or in front, what you are also doing is avoiding getting in trouble with the law.

And when that happens, you are faced with black points.

Remember, black points are something that you don't want to come face-to-face with. Therefore, just drive safe and be a good driver!

Road Safety Messages for Drivers

  • Alert today, alive tomorrow.

  • Better late than never!

  • Safe Driving Saves Lives.

  • Stay Alive - Think & Drive.

  • Drive, Don't Fly.

  • Quote on road safety: Safety starts with "S", begins with "You".

  • Driving like there's no tomorrow is likely to produce that result!

What are The Safe Driving Techniques?

  • Practice defensive driving.

  • Avoid distractions at all costs.

  • Avoid Drink & Driving.

  • Don't drive under any influence.

  • Avoid road rage at all costs.

  • Avoid provocation that can cause possible road rage.

Safety while driving is immensely important for your life, the lives attached to yours, and the lives of those on the road. This is why you need to practice defensive driving and be a safe driver!

So, safe driving begins by practicing defensive driving but primarily by following the basic, simple worldwide rules. What are those?

Ensuring seatbelt and using indicators to communicate your directions. However, to stay safe while driving, it takes more than just a seatbelt and indicator.

This is where you need to start practicing avoiding distractions at all costs, avoiding driving under influence, and not consuming even the allowed limit.

However, United Arab Emirates doesn't tolerate any levels of alcohol, let alone driving under influence.

Remember, there is no such thing as a safe driving month. It's every day that you have to remain conscious of safety!

What are the qualities of a safe driver?

Keep practicing safe driving, and you're a safe driver (to be short).

  • Acknowledges others and gives them the way.

  • Doesn't engage in road rage.

  • Never drives under influence.

  • Avoids using distractions while driving.

  • Avoids giving last-minute surprises to fellow drivers.

Remember, these are not qualities of the best safe driver in the world. These are basic rules that make any driver an ideal driver.

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Want to do safe driving? There's one way to achieve this goal, and that is to be safe while driving.

You must ideally follow more than indicators and seatbelts to stay safe on the road.

Monitoring your surroundings, avoiding sudden turns, taking care of your speed, being prepared for the worst, and more is a must for road safety for drivers!

SAFETY MESSAGE OF THE DAY FOR DRIVERS: Take care of others on the road as best as you know and as best as you can!