About us

Finalrentals is a car rental platform and a digital car rental brand that started in January 2017 with the goal of making renting a car as simple as possible for its customers. It has built a reputation for offering quality car rental services to the users around the world with high-quality and inexpensive car rental services for both short and long-term needs. Finalrentals is the most popular car rental platform among expats and tourists in the United Arab Emirates as well as all across the globe.

With the offices in UAE and Headquarters in Europe, Finalrentals is the fastest growing car rental brand in the world.

Our aim here is to become the final destination for all of your car rental needs and our goal is to provide excellent customer service. We always prioritize the needs of our customers and are committed to offering a personalized rental experience that ensures customer satisfaction and wins our customers' undying loyalty.

We always make sure that our services start with your comfort. Everything we do is guided by our concept, which is evident in our client service.

We have a strong desire to behave intentionally in order to attain excellence and success.

To obtain the greatest potential outcomes, we constantly push our limitations and use technology and best practices. We have high regard for our employees, clients, partners, and the environment. We bring a sense of humor into our workplace by recognizing and celebrating individual and team accomplishments.

Transparency is important to us in every element of our business. We are trustworthy, with consistent business behavior, actions, and judgments. We participate in actions that benefit society and the environment.

Moreover, we acquired the Gulf Capital MEED Award for Best Digital Business in 2018. Seamless Middle East named us the best in design and user interface in 2021. In addition, we are the 2019 Poland Prize Program Winners.

Finalrentals has a large network of suppliers and has access to fleet of more than 85,000 total cars in more than 400 drop-off sites across the UAE and has more than 200,000 cars in the global network.

From the smallest unit to the whole corporation, we are designed as one seamless team. We continue to cultivate a caring and supportive workplace that encourages the exchange of ideas, talents, and resources.

We continue to innovate and seek out new ideas and possibilities in order to drive profitable growth. In the nations and communities where we operate, we will be role models for business leaders. We create and execute company methods that are environmentally friendly.