Our Story

Finalrentals is a solutions company. Making car rentals better, together.

Finalrentals was founded in January 2017 to solve several particular flaws in the traditional car rental industry that was identified by the founder of Finalrentals ‘Ammar Akhtar’ over the duration of his time in this industry.

His own career in the car rental market began in 2006, when he came from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates in pursuit of better options and a better life as a Chief Software Architect for Dubai-based car rental service Budget Rent a Car, he was chosen as the Chief Software Architect to design a website and an online car rental booking system. This, he believed, was the source of his motivation and a game changer and the starting seed of what we call today as "Finalrentals".

However, despite having spent over 11 or 12 years in the market, Akhtar was not satisfied that the old car rental model had fully developed into a wholesome experience for the final client. He thought that car rental firms do a lot; they have hundreds of staff and locations, as well as a lot of cars and resources, but that the digital user experience rarely translated into the actual thing when the car was delivered. He could tell that, no matter how fantastic the technology he designed was, the user experience was going nowhere and it was very important to bridge the user experience gap between online car rental booking experience and the offline car rental delivery experience.

With a depth of business experience and a desire to build something more comprehensive, Akhtar founded Finalrentals in January 2017 with very little investment from his own pocket and no outside funding.

Finalrentals has access to over 400 sites and 98,000 vehicles around the UAE, provides daily, weekly, and monthly car rentals from leading car rental companies in the UAE, with free delivery to the customer's doorstep.

It also provides the customers with a terrific comparison visual, as they can compare the pricing of cars from a variety of firms under one roof based on their selected location and car rental dates.

Interestingly, the company's goal was not to raise funds, but now, Finalrentals, which was founded by Akhtar, is still 100% bootstrapped and expanding.

The business strategy appears to be as easy as a car rental company can get. However, there is something different with Finalrentals, according to Akhtar. Finalrentals' key selling point is that it is not jut another website that compares car rental prices.

It is the deep tech integration that enables clients to obtain the best possible pricing with clear terms and conditions. The company's whole process is digital, with online and app interfaces.

As a result, despite a lack of capital and a very restricted marketing budget, Akhtar's own creativity has allowed the company stay profitable over the years. According to the Finalrentals website, Akhtar's main goal is to make "car rentals as simple as ordering food online".

In 2021, we were able to open up new markets. Finalrentals has grown its brand to 55 additional sites (161 total) and four new countries, including:

  • The United States of America (Miami)
  • Malta
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Sint Maarten.

It has also established a franchising opportunity for local firms looking to expand globally through the Finalrentals network.

Finalrentals is shaped by experts in the car rental sector. So, we know what ideal pricing is and what level of service justifies that price. Furthermore, Finalrentals staff negotiate on your behalf with a number of rental car businesses. Why? Because we want you to stay where you want to be - within your budget.

That was the story of Finalrentals and we are looking forward to welcoming you and serving your car rental needs. The journey continues!

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