UAE Guides: How to Reduce Black Points System

January 13th 2021 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: How to Reduce Black Points System

Black Points System was introduced and prevails to keep traffic safety alive. There are 24 Black points in total and scoring them all successfully leads to a 1-year ban. However, there is a way to get them removed. Also, there are many actions that can lead you into scoring them. To stay aware, informed, and ahead, you need to equip yourself with the necessary info.

Here, we provide you the basics of the Black Points System and explain it in order to give you a solution to keep yourself away from such a case. On the other hand, if you have certain points on your license now, then there’s a way to get them removed.

To get started, here’s what you need to know.

Black Points System Explained.

Why Black Points matter?

Black Points represent how much good is left in you as a driver. Whenever you commit a crime, you are charged with fine and black points. Those black points represent your driving skills. They are 24 points in total. When the maximum is reached, your driving license is canceled and you are banned for a year. The least black points that you can get are 4.

How can you get Black Points?

Various manifestations of irresponsible driving behavior "driving crimes" can get you marked with black points. Here are certain crimes that can land you in serious trouble.

The least is 2 points and the maximum being 24. The least ones consist of Poor condition of indicators and poor condition of rear lights. These two are the only offenses that contain 2 points.


Black Points.

Heavy Vehicle Prohibited Entry.


Not following the loading and unloading rules in an appointed area.


Driving against the traffic.


Driving without insurance.


Reckless Driving: Posing harm to private and public properties.


Driving without a number plate.


Drink & Driving.


Illegal Transportation of passengers.


Transportation of inflammable or hazardous materials illegally/ without permission.


These laws are just mentioned to give you an idea about the black points.

Moreover, these crimes also have heavy fines. There are 140 laws mentioned by the Dubai Police in their portal. Here is the Dubai Police Portal where you can check out the list of 140 laws that can land you in trouble.

Learn a little more about laws in our other post 41+ Essential Driving Laws in Dubai.

How Can I Get My Black Points Removed?

Black Points are expired in a year. Just as the New Year 2021 starts, black points get back to zero. Your license is fresh and you’re good to continue. However, if you are stuck in a 23/24 sort of situation, then here’s an option for you.

First of all, contact the local police:

1. +971 4 606 3555

2. +971 4 609 9999

3. +971 4 347 2222

4. +971 4 311 1999

5. +971 4 609 6299

6. +971 4 304 6611

Secondly, consider taking a safe driving course. These courses are announced by the Dubai Police regularly. Take those courses to lower your black points.

Thirdly, take a driving course in addition to the above-mentioned course. This driving course is managed by Emirates Police Authority.

Here are the contact numbers of the Emirates Police Authority:

1. Sharjah Police 06 556 4555

2. Umm Al Quwain 06 706 2000

3. Ajman Police 06 703 4000

4. Fujairah Police 09 222 4411

5. Ras Al Khaimah 600577777

6. Abu Dhabi Government 800 3333

7. Dubai Police Call Centre 901


Black points can land you in trouble. It’s a reality that we should repeatedly check. However, if you have some black points, don’t get upset. Learn from your mistakes, get them removed, and don’t repeat them. Also, since there is a way to retreat and take a fresh no-black point start, consider taking those courses. If you don’t have black points, then stay on the alert and keep going trouble-free!