UAE Guides: Is it safe to eat behind the steering wheel?

January 19th 2021 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Is it safe to eat behind the steering wheel?

Eating while Driving in Dubai is legal. However, it is strictly discouraged by the Dubai Traffic Police. “Distracted Driving” as they. However, if the hunger calls are unbearable, then simply just park the car and eat.

Please note: there are some rules that you have to follow while and after eating. What are they? Learn how to eat and what to eat when you’re on the move.

Get to know the Laws that can get in your way of eating behind the steering wheel. Equip yourself with 41+ essential laws, the Black points system, and much more in an attempt to eat safely.

Driving in Dubai: Why you shouldn’t munch behind the wheel:

It is legal to eat while you drive, but Dubai Police still recommends drivers to avoid it. "Distracted driving" as they say, is unsafe for the driver and his/her fellow drivers on the road. However, this activity is legal but still discouraged by the Dubai Police.

If it’s your first time driving in Dubai, then here are 41+ essential driving laws in Dubai that you need to learn about.

Important to Remember: Most people ask about Fine for using the phone while driving in Dubai. According to UAE Traffic Law - The Official Portal Drivers who use the phone while driving will attract AED 400 fine and will be slapped with 4 black points.

What are the black points? Why do they matter? What happens when you score all of them? Here is Black Points System Explained

How to Eat While Driving in Dubai:

Eating while driving in Dubai is allowed. However, you should keep the below-mentioned factors in mind. If you forget to follow any of these rules while eating behind the steering wheel, you will be slapped with fines and black points.

  1. Don't throw the garbage on the road when you're finished eating.
  2. While eating behind the steering wheel, remember to keep a safe distance between vehicles.
  3. Do not let your burgers and sandwiches let you Violate technical and safety issues.
  4. Remember to fasten your seat belt before you even eat and start driving.
  5. Do not start Speeding while munching.
  6. You can eat while driving in Dubai, but Drinking Alcohol in Dubai is strictly prohibited while driving.

What to Eat While Driving in Dubai:


These are some of the foods/snacks that you can consider eating while driving in Dubai.

  1. Burger.
  2. Pizza.
  3. Hot Dog.
  4. Sandwiches.
  5. Burrito.
  6. Potato Chips.
  7. French Fries.
  8. Chicken Nuggets.
  9. Granola Bar.
  10. Bagel.
  11. Biscuits.
  12. Donut.
  13. Ice Cream.
  14. Yogurt.


Hungry Munching Energy Mood
Burger. Hot Dog. Granola Bar. Bagel.
Pizza. Sandwiches Bagel. Biscuits.
Hot Dog. Burrito Biscuits. Donut.
Sandwiches. Potato Chips. Ice Cream.
Burrito. French Fries. Yogurt.
Chicken Nuggets.

Again, just because it is made legal doesn’t mean that it is safe or right. You should still abstain from eating while you are driving.

Frequently Asked Questions on Driving in Dubai:

Can I drive in Dubai as a tourist?

You can drive in Dubai as a tourist if you have an international driving license. However, there are some nationalities that require an international driving permit.

Is driving in Dubai easy?

Driving in Dubai may be easy for residents. However, Driving for tourists can be difficult as people may hesitate to help a foreigner. That may sound a little rude, but this can happen. Also, the driving norm in Dubai is driving on the right and passing down on the left. This may feel strange and deviant to visitors from the United Kingdom and Australia.

Which side do you drive in Dubai?

You drive on the right side in Dubai. You will pass down on the left.

If you are driving for the first time and want some tips for driving in Dubai, then consider learning the Dubai Traffic Laws right from the horse’s mouth. However, if you want to learn about mistakes to avoid before hiring a rental car in Dubai, then consider reading our Rental Car Services Mistakes to Avoid.

In a Nutshell:

Eating while driving in Dubai is legal and there are no current notices on this issue by the Dubai Traffic Law. However, just because it is legal doesn't mean that it is safe or right. Keeping this in mind, it is strongly advised to keep your hands off of the munching activity while you are behind the wheel. If the hunger is getting unbearable, then here's what you need to do. Simply just park the car, and start eating. When you're finished, get going.