UAE Guides: 5 Rental Car Services mistakes you need to avoid in Dubai

November 4th 2020 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: 5 Rental Car Services mistakes you need to avoid in Dubai

Rental Car Services are one of the essential services that are required to easily move. If the right decisions are made and appropriate steps are taken, then it will account for a memorable journey. However, there are some mistakes that you can make to destroy this experience. So to avoid Rental Car mistakes, you need to know what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

Rental Car Services in Dubai have their respective rules and regulations which are enforced on them by the Government as its law states, which compels them to make certain rules and regulations which most of the people miss just because they value their own opinion (we have covered this as well). So from not fuelling the vehicle before use to abiding by the rules and regulations of the state, we bring you:

5 Rental Car Services blunders that you MUST AVOID:

These mistakes are to be avoided at all costs and at all times, even when you book your monthly car rental services. So without further ado, here are some blunders to avoid accompanied by the ways which will help you figure out how to avoid these.

Fueling the Rental Car before use:

You always need to watch out for this one. Ethics are good but when you mix them up with a little IQ, if you will. Filling up the tank before use doesn't seem reasonable when you know that you will not be able to use all that up. Instead, consider refueling it before you return that vehicle.

Damage = Extra Charge. So beware.

In case of any damage... You know how it starts in the policy statements and you better read it. As any damage done to the vehicle will cost you money and it will cost heavy as it is considered a serious issue with rental companies.

There's one more lesson here for you: Because rental companies take any damage very seriously, you should check the vehicle properly before you rent your vehicle as any damage which was the car carried before can be accredited to you which will directly result in extra charges.

Also, beware of fraudsters as they can trick you through this policy. Giving you a damaged vehicle and when you return, they blame you just for increasing their overall profit.

Expecting lower rental prices at the Airport:

Just simply don't expect. Really. You can get amazing service from here but, you need to know that the service will not be the most economic service that you will avail. The reason? Well, the rental services at the airport are charged heavy taxes which cuts down their profit on average costs. This doesn't mean that you can't get a good and efficient rental service at reasonable prices.

Taking it 'easy'.

When you’re given the vehicle, you are entrusted. You have to return it before the deadline and shouldn't consider taking it easy. If you are not the person to abide by the moral values of society, then here's a consequence for you. You will be charged EXTRA. so better return it on time rather than chilling out on the roads.

In my opinion’ instead of the expert opinion:

Whenever we go to any place that we like, we want to drive and discover from the best to the most strange spots that the place has to offer. But in this process, we shouldn't forget that not all places are entertained for all the general purposes and so the expert opinion is better in exceptional matters. It simply means that before you start to drive your rental car, consider taking guidelines from the rental company to know such places where you are allowed, encouraged, discouraged, or disallowed to visit or go.

Here’s a bonus Tip:

You want to start off by identifying your needs, then look for the car that best fits.

Your first need is looking at how many people are traveling with you or are you just by yourself? So if you rent a car in Dubai on a monthly basis with your family or with an equal number of people, then consider renting Nissan Micra. As it provides a spacious interior comfortable enough for 5 (average) people.

To help you out, here are some rental cars that will help you figure out which one best suits your needs and fits your criteria.

Rental Kia Pegas: 94 Horsepower, Speed, and Agility.

This front-wheel-drive Kia Pegas guarantees a 94 horsepower engine. If you were just looking for athletic performance (if you will). Appropriate for 4 persons and suitable for traveling and visiting purposes.

Your partner for the long trips and journeys.

Renault Duster provides a comfortable interior that provides the best suitable environment for long drives and is just for a traveling enthusiast like you. Carrying good pickup and also, its maintenance price is just below the average expense level. (Hey, this last point is not for, remember what we discussed about the rental services and damages, so beware).

Nissan Altima: Performance and Impression combined

When the look says it all, you don't need specifications. Nissan Altima entertains 5 passengers with Auto-Transmission and comes with comprehensive insurance with 4000 KM mileage.

In the end…What matters is what you decide. There are many ways in which your journey can be made wonderful and there are many ways to make it costly and a lesson. In this blog, we tried to achieve the previous and avoid the latter, so how successful have we been in telling you the mistakes to avoid? Did you know them already? Did we miss something? Tell us by leaving your feedback, and let us know if you have any queries regarding your travel.