UAE Guides: What is Road rage and how to avoid it? A Long Term Solution

February 4th 2021 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: What is Road rage and how to avoid it? A Long Term Solution
Road Rage is explosive anger that can be caused by underlying frustration, some unhappy facts about life, and alcohol consumption as well.
However, the road is not the place to display anger and we need to come to terms with our underlying anger.
How? There are several ways to overcome the issue of road rage. We have covered some among many in this post to let you know the types of road rage and how you can manage them.

Defining Road Rage

Road Rage means a sudden extreme and vicious anger that is aroused in a driver because of the actions of another motorist or driver.
However, it is important to note that there are 5 types of road rage.
Verbal Road Rage.
Impatient/Quiet Road Rage.
Passive Aggressive Road Rage.
Epic Road Rage.
Verbal Road Rage is the use of words to display aggression by the aggressive driver to his or her fellow drivers on the road.
According to a study about aggressive driving behaviors, Men were more likely to respond when seeing an aggressive driver. Whereas females were more likely to evade an aggressive driver.
Being Impatient and Competitive are examples of Quiet Road Rage. Where the aggressive driver is not using his or her tongue to display the aggression but rather focusing on reckless driving in terms of speed and rushing. Passive Aggressive Road rage is also an example of Quiet Road Rage where the aggressive driver wants to take control over the road/ lane.
Epic Road Rage is the pursuit of fighting, shooting, chasing, and a car blocking. This type of Road Rage is violent and criminal in its nature.

Road Rage Causes

1. Overall Frustration.
2. Anger Management Issues.
3. Disregard for people and law in general.
4. Traffic.
5. Drinking and Drugs.
The Overall Frustration is not a sudden feeling behind the steering wheel. You can get out of your home upset or frustrated over something. This is where the seed is sown. The instances on the road can act as water to that seed, causing it to grow further. Furthermore, there are certain life instances as well that leave a lasting impact on an individual's life. One such example can be taken from Laura Lousie, who's a speaker, mentor, and author as well.
Laura Lousie tells her story in her words on NBC News. She would welcome any moment of expressing her anger. But gradually, she started working on the roots of her anger. "I wrote letters to myself" and further adds "and began to work through the emotions of not having the childhood I wanted". After she decided to meditate and calm down her emotions, she also decided to leave drinking as a whole.
Such instances and Drinking on the top can increase the overall frustration. That frustration not only manifests itself in driving but other activities and instances in life.

Examples of Road Rage?

Honking Horns.
Aggressive Driving.
Shooting. (Epic Road Rage.)
Fighting. (Epic Road Rage.)
When you do any of this stuff in Dubai, you should know that you are assigned black points in addition to the confiscation of your vehicle and jail term.
Unfamiliar with Black Points? Here is our detailed blog post on Black Point System: How to Reduce Them. Also, you might wanna check out our other post on Dubai Laws as well. 41+ essential driving laws in Dubai.

If you are witnessing road rage right in front of you, then here’s how to report Road Rage.
dial: 901, 800 7777, or 800 4353. Also, you can consider emailing Dubai Police at

How to Avoid Road Rage

First of all, if you are engaged in any drugs or alcohol consumption, please consider leaving it. It is not only unhelpful in terms of physical health in the long run, but it also gets the best of you mentally. See what we learned from Laura Lousie's Story featured in ABC News. As stated by Dominic Parrott "Alcohol intoxication brings out people's natural tendencies to the expression of Anger".
Secondly, get in the roots of our aggression. If you are deeply frustrated about a part of your life that was out of your control or was under control but mismanaged, try calming yourself down. Focus on what you have learned from it and how you can move on. Also, try getting help from a clinical Psychologist on this matter.
Thirdly, If you get angry even if you don't drink and you're not frustrated about any fact of your life. Then hold on, you are not from Mars or Venus. This is normal. Try joining a gym or martial art classes where you can properly channel your anger in a systematic way. Try calming yourself down. Try meditation and seek professional help.


Road Rage is a dangerous act that can not only lend you in trouble but others as well. Remember, your life matters above all. You deserve better than engaging in Road Rage. Don’t let the anger get the best of you, at all. If there’s an underlying frustration in you or if you find it difficult to manage your anger, then consider channeling it systematically. Also, get a professional’s help in this regard and stay safe.
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