UAE Guides: Our Top 5 Travel Tips From The List Of 28 Travel Tips

May 24th 2021 in Travel
UAE Guides: Our Top 5 Travel Tips From The List Of 28 Travel Tips

Travel tips should be written and kept safe, for they are one of the most important things you need when you travel.

Whilst these travel tips may be learned from experience, not all of them can be learned through a single one.

Therefore, it is important to bring together the tips from various travelers and compile them together to save time, effort, and most importantly, the experience of undergoing difficulty.

So, are you thinking from where did this number "28" come from? It came from two of our previous posts.

One featured 13 travel tips, whilst the other mentioned 15 travel tips.

Therefore, pick 5 among them was the third follow-up on the topic.

But, we didn’t leave the discussion by just making mention of 5 travel tips, we have also enlisted all of the 28 travel tips from our posts Travel: 15 Actually Useful Tips and Hacks for Ambitious Millennials! & 13 Travel Tips to Transmogrify Your Arrival into an Amazing Journey!

So, what’s the point of mentioning all of the 28 travel tips?

  1. You don't have to waste your time and easily skim through each one.

  2. You can decide your Top 5 for yourself, depending upon your personal needs and experience.

The List Of 28 Travel Tips and Hacks

  1. Mark your days around the off-season.

  2. Travel light.

  3. Buy tickets in advance.

  4. Local eateries over touristy eateries.

  5. Define or set a budget.

  6. Research your destination.

  7. Don't eat outside on a regular basis.

  8. Consider spending less in touristy areas.

  9. Use Google Flights.

  10. Roll your clothes.

  11. Consider taking fewer clothes.

  12. Choose Backpack over Collapsible Duffle Bags.

  13. Use Google Maps.

  14. Don't eat at the airport.

  15. Avoid Dehydration.

  16. Note Down Stuff.

  17. Keep a Pad.

  18. Learn the local customs.

  19. Learn the local language.

  20. Keep the first aid.

  21. Keep the emergency pouch.

  22. Let your damaged bag be repaired by the airport.

  23. Audiobooks when you fly.

  24. Check out the reviews from Google reviews before visiting a place.

  25. Walking tours.

  26. Use Google Maps Offline.

  27. Check out the weather before you travel.

  28. Beware of the scams that prevail in your destination country.

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Top 5 Travel Tips!

Learn the local customs

Learning local customs is one of the most practical and important travel tips.

Why? First of all, local customs matter to the people. People take their local customs very seriously and keep an eye on what they know as deviant.

This is why it is absolutely necessary to learn the local customs.

However, To follow or not to follow is a different matter. But when you learn the local customs, you come to learn about what gestures can land you in trouble, how to act, and what to avoid.

This is an experience that a lot of travelers may not be immune to. And they also may be able to tell you about their experiences and embarrassing moments.

However, it's not always fun and games, and depending upon the circumstances, any deviance (according to the respective culture) and its intensity can cause a serious provocation.

The reason why we are emphasizing "Deviance" and called it one of the most practical travel tips is because it's relative around the world.

So what you may consider as innocent, others may consider as "Deviant".

Learn the local language

Learning the local language is yet another prime tip from the list of practical travel tips!

Why? There are multiple reasons why it holds a distinct position with regard to its practicality.

First of all, we would like to tell you one thing, and that is that language is the key to the heart of the people.

When you learn a language, you are able to not only communicate better but connect with people in a much stronger manner!

Then, when you communicate with people in their language, the chances of creating a bond and understanding are much higher than those of fellow travelers who don't know the language.

And it's important to make one thing clear here. We are not talking about learning the whole language before you travel to the country. But, what we are talking about is learning some of the basics, like saying hello, how are you? What is your name? etc.

Remember, learning the local language shares a big chunk of practicality when it comes to travel tips.

And although we are not talking about learning the whole language before you travel to a certain place. But, the more you learn, the better!

Travel Light

Traveling light may not seem to you of utmost importance (and we don't know why), but, it is one of the most hassle beating and useful travel tips.

Whilst traveling light doesn't mean to leave almost everything out of your travel bag, it also doesn't mean trying to pack, fit, and beat everything inside the travel bag.

Now the second thing to take care of is space management. This is one of the most important things to take care of.

Without going into unnecessary details, here is an example that you can use to understand how to do it.

Folding multiple clothes in a traditional way is not a good idea to utilize space. To do that, you need a better idea.

Consider rolling your clothes. Yes! And this may also be one of the most common travel tips that you can find on the internet.

So, roll your clothes instead of folding them. That way, you can fit one or two t-shirts in addition.

Do you know why that is? It's because squares and rectangles take up more space than cylinders.

Now that's some space management right there!

Damaged Bag? Let The Airport Repair It!

Among those travel tips that can be referred back to in case of emergency!

When your bag is damaged by security while getting checked, you can get it repaired at the airport.

However, keep in mind that this is only the case when your bag holds a special value to you.

Now that may sound odd, but let us explain what that means.

For example, that bag was gifted to you by someone you love, and that's exactly why it holds great value for you.

You wouldn't want it to get replaced by any other bag. Now, in this case, you can get it repaired.

But, if the bag that you were carrying an ordinary one, then you can get it replaced at the airport.

Feeling like this one belongs more to the list of travel hacks rather than travel tips?

Don't eat outside on a regular basis

One of the budget-friendly and health-oriented travel tips.

By avoiding eating outside on a regular basis, you are not only going to increase the chances of maintaining your health, but you are also going to save money.

And since we are discussing this issue, it is important to make mention of one more tip that is deeply related to eating outside.

Not always, but try preferring local eateries over touristy eateries more often. Why? It is because the chances are that you will end up spending more in touristy eateries as they might cost more than the local ones.


Travel tips are one of the most important things to know when it comes to planning a trip.

Just like what tradecraft is to a soldier, travel tips are to travelers.

Among the 28 travel tips that we just made mention of, you may have found some of your go-to while others to be insightful and intriguing.

So, do you agree with our pick for the top 5? And if not, then what will be your pick for the top 5?

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