UAE Guides: 13 Travel Tips to Transmogrify Your Arrival into an Amazing Journey!

March 16th 2021 in Travel
UAE Guides: 13 Travel Tips to Transmogrify Your Arrival into an Amazing Journey!
“Travel tips” is your answer to 'I want to travel the world where do I start?'
Gaining travel knowledge and making informed decisions is a foolproof manner of traveling locally and internationally.
However, you don't need to do it as homework. We know that it’s been a long time that you stepped into that vicinity.
Here, we are going to make mention of 13 travel tips, so that you can make informed decisions.
Do you know why we are making mention of informed decisions repeatedly?
Because "The journey, not the arrival, matters" - T.S. Eliot.
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Travel Tips and Tricks

Beware of the scams that prevail in your destination country, state, or area.

Every country has its own culture, beauty, and a set of scams. What you need to beware of is the latter one.
As a tourist, you don't want to fall prey to scams. One of the biggest reasons is that you are traveling on a limited budget. That defined budget of yours gets affected quite literally when you fall into a scam as a tourist.
Therefore, make this topic a part of your research. So for example, if you're traveling to Europe, Read more about travel scams that prevail in the region and make this research your part of travel tips of Europe.

Note Down Stuff!

Printing or noting down the numbers of essential places that you want to visit is a reliable way of managing information. You can keep this tip in your list of short travel tips or on your way to the best places to travel in the world.
You can't rely purely on technology. We need to consider that our phones can stop working or hang for too long. So you don't want to go in your contacts list first, then find out the number and then make a call. Especially when your phone is on a 'hang spree'.

Keep a pad

A writing pad can help you communicate.
Today, almost everyone can understand English Numericals.
By writing down numbers, you can negotiate on a price or ask for an address as well. And more than that, you can talk to a person in Sign Language to inquire about a route towards your destination. And this is what makes a writing pad so useful.
The person can also draw a map on the pad to guide you about the route towards your destination. This can help you out when feeling lost while traveling as well!
Adding this tip to your list of travel tips can help you communicate and note things down.

Look out for the local customs

Consider it potential advice for traveling, and a decent tip as well.
People respect their customs, and so should you. This is single-handedly one of the most powerful factors that can cause difficulties in traveling. If you violate some of them or any of them, people can start misbehaving with you.
Yes, we get that making memories is the biggest part of the travel experience, but this is absolutely not how you want to remember your trip.

Learning the local language is the practical implementation of Hadouken!

As funny as it may sound to you, however, it is the truth.
Hadouken essentially is a very strong move. Similarly, learning a little bit of the local language is no different.
There are a couple of reasons why this is among the most practical travel tips to share. Learning the local language can let you move with the local people.
Language is one of the routes to the human heart.
(It is un-biological, however, it’s true.)
Always remember, to locals, the local language wins their hearts.
If you can say a simple hello, bye, and how are you, you can develop a healthy connection with the individual.
And as a tourist, a foreigner to the host country, what matters the most is a network. And you should ideally develop that.

First Aid's First

Having first aid is the most important thing when it comes to maintaining wellness while traveling.
And please try to keep it handy. So it is there just when you need it.
Travelling can cause wear and tear. Sometimes, you can avoid wear and tear totally, and sometimes, you can do all but avoid it. It is not only quite all you need to deal with scars and sprains, but it can also manage to buy you time if the case is severe.
Managing your first aid kit is one of the most important items in your travel tips and tricks!

Emergency Pouch to help you when you Ouch!

An emergency pouch is next to your first aid.
You can fix zips, torn bags, and headphones.
Things like these can break while you travel. And when this happens, you are triggered. However, getting triggered is not a solution, it's a further problem. To avoid all of that, focus more on the solution and how you can get things fixed quickly.
The emergency pouch can contain tape (duct, paper, or cellophane aka scotch tape), pins, cord, matches in waterproof packaging, and some other stuff as well.
Check out what you should contain in an emergency kit and mark it among important travel tips!

Let your damaged bag be repaired by the airport

Sometimes your bag can be damaged by security to check out something of potential harm.
And don't get offended, it's not necessary that you look like a criminal or something. But, the fact that decent-looking people have been misused by the conniving ones in the past.
So what to do when it happens? Simply don't leave the airport and go to the lost baggage department/section. The section or department performs repairs on your bag if it’s an expensive one or has a historic value for you. Otherwise, it gets replaced at the airport.
So this tip was from important airport travel tips. Do you want to see a blog post about this topic? Be sure to reach out to us!

Audiobooks when you fly!

Fresh, right from the bundle of air travel tips!
Audiobooks are very useful when it comes to enjoying your flight. Not only Audiobook helps you relax when you are flying, but it’s a productive use of time.
By the end of the flight, you have either enjoyed a beautiful sleep or just ended up with a new perspective and information.

Reviews before you make your move!

When deciding which hotel to visit or park to go to, be sure to check out the Google Reviews.
There are many sites to know the reviews from, such as Trip Advisor and Google reviews.
When checking out reviews, you can filter out the pricy ones and select more economical ones. You can also check out the best part about the place that you are visiting and make sure to win your trip!
Checking out reviews can be the best tip for local travel and for international travel as well.

Walking Tours!

Walking tours are useful when it comes to getting familiar with the city, state, or region.
In the pre-technological era, the activity was carried out by the individuals physically. It still to this day, remain one of the ways to become a part of the walking tour. However, there is another way to become a part of the walking tour, and that is through the aid of technology.
Here is a YouTube Channel that can help you out with the walking tours.
This travel tip is a remarkable one when it comes to travel tips for the long trip

Google Maps Offline

Arguably the best tip for local travel!
When you are traveling locally or doesn't matter if you are traveling in a host country as well, Google Maps Offline is the best facility when it comes to routes!
Google Maps Offline requires the map to de downloaded.
However, you shouldn't worry as G.Maps does not ask you to download the map of the whole world.
You can select a certain region (city, province, or country) offline. The larger the region, the larger the file.

Travel Tips, 13: Check out the weather before you travel

Know about the rainstorms, tornadoes, thunder, and the like in advance.
By checking out the weather, you can know about the region that you are about to visit is safe or not.
Checking out the weather and keeping up with the weather updates is specifically useful in even day-to-day routine.
If you ask us, we would recommend that you ideally start switching over to the weather updates as well. This is how you can prepare in advance and check out a safe place to stop by till the condition gets stabilized.
You can add this to your holiday tips and tricks as well.


Equip yourself with Travel tips, this is a traveler's tradecraft when it comes to traveling.
One of the biggest reasons to equip yourself with travel tips is that they'll help you make an informed decision as well.
And as far as making informed decisions is concerned, they are important because "The journey, not the arrival, matters" - T.S. Eliot.
Informed decision-making is what will bridge the gap between arrival to a remarkable journey!