UAE Guides: 15 Actually Useful Tips and Hacks for Ambitious Millennials!

March 3rd 2021 in Travel
UAE Guides: 15 Actually Useful Tips and Hacks for Ambitious Millennials!
Travel has been one of the desperate wishes since the lockdown, thanks to the Coronavirus.
As the overall situation is inclined towards improvement, especially after vaccines, people are on the verge of their need to socialize, travel, and most importantly, get back to normal.
Now as the people are able to see the light, and perhaps they are near the end of the tunnel, there are still some travel bans that prevail in some parts of the world. Travel Ban from UAE, where Dubai has been placed on the red list of United Kingdom is one of these examples.
However, this emergence of travel enthusiasm, almost back from the dead, has become a point of conversion for the airlines, and a point of concern for the authorities.
We understand and respect their concern. Here is what they are saying and trying to do to keep you safe.

Dubai Travel Restrictions:

Dubai travel restrictions implement some limitations before anyone considers travel.
Their take on this issue can be best broken down into three stages.
Even though it depends on the destination, a pre-travel test (PCR test) is required. PCR is a Covid test for travel Dubai. Here is a UAE Travel Guide: Quarantine and PCR test rules across emirates.
UAE citizens should get themselves registered in Tawjudi Service.
Every citizen/ Tawjudi service member is subject to the Coronavirus preventive measures.


Be a responsible traveler. Report at the moment you experience any symptoms of the Virus.
If you are diagnosed as a covid positive patient, immediately report and reach out to the nearest emergency center.
As a UAE national, you have an option to avail of interaction with the diplomatic missions in your host or destination country.


Now that you are looking to step back into the U.A.E., you need a PCR test again.
There is a health center in the airport. This fact is to let you know that if you are diagnosed with Coronavirus, then you shall be kept isolated in the health center until you recover.
Lastly, you need to maintain responsible behavior and keep following the rules and regulations of the government.

15 Must-keep under your sleeve tricks to Travel!

Mark your days around the off-season.

Off-season tends to be much cheaper and affordable than the peak season. So if you are looking for travel and tourism, then make sure to mark your days around the off-season.
Why do you want to do this? Obviously, to make your trip an affordable one.

Travel light.

A light travel bag is one of the assets for you.
It is particularly helpful when you’ve stuck around at the airport. Plus, the hassle of carrying a heavy bag is eliminated from the scene. Even if you're a boxer, trust us, you don't need heavy bags when you're traveling.
Also, you need to travel less time at the airport and quickly make your way through the security.

Buying tickets in advance.

You can also consider buying tickets in advance. The benefit? It can help you better budget the whole cost of your trip or tour. Also, availing of discounts on prior booking and buying tickets is a high possibility as well.

Local eateries over touristy eateries.

Eat local every day, in every way. The reason behind is simple, and that is staying economic.
The problem with touristy eateries is that they tend to be more expensive than the local ones.
And please would you mind telling us, why do you want to visit touristy eateries? They aren’t any newer to you than the local ones already.

Let your finances get ready and set to go.

Although we are trying to stay as economic as possible, it implies something very obvious. And that is having some form or level of the budget with you.
Availing of discounts and equipping ourselves in line with budget-friendliness is imperative, but it all starts after having a basic amount of budget to travel.
So before you sign up with a travel agent in Dubai, research and make a budget after calculating the overall cost of your trip. Only then come the importance and benefits of budget and budget-friendly tradecraft.

Research your destination.

We are a fan of making informed decisions. It is why we prefer research, even before you decide to look for which travel agency in Dubai to sign up for.
So, what is the benefit of researching your destination? You will be able to know better about the free activities, free passes, places open on discounts for tourists, and opportunities alike.

Don’t eat outside on a regular basis!

It is about making a healthier decision for you. Although, you may find yourself in an impossible situation when avoiding eating outside on a regular basis.
However, one of the benefits that can help you stay motivated with regards to avoiding eating outside is the economy. It is much of an economical decision and in line with budget-friendliness.
So you can not only save your health but bucks as well.

Consider spending less in Touristy areas.

Don’t confuse this point with the previous one where we talked about the importance of preferring local eateries over touristy ones.
Here, we are talking about preferring to ‘spend’ less in Touristy areas altogether. This means that we are encouraging you to buy lesser things from Touristy areas such as clothes, toys, or things alike.
Don’t worry, we are not trying to impose our custom-made travel restrictions on you, trying to make your trip boring.
What we want is to save your pockets from getting ripped into pieces.
What’s the alternative?
You can simply buy the same commodities from a different, more local than a touristy place.


Google flights is one of the platforms which can let you in on the prices of flights.
It is one of the best tools that can help you better budget the overall cost of your trip.
Just as when you choose your location, you will be able to see multiple airlines with their cost, timings, duration, and stops as well.

Fold Roll your clothes!

Into cylindrical shape… When you roll your clothes, you can actually travel light. Moreover, you can fit maybe just an additional pair due to space. Under normal circumstances, this may be considered clumsy… But this is your way to go baby! (When we’re talking about traveling only, please. In no way do we encourage you to keep your clothes rolled in your closet. Please don’t…)

Consider taking fewer clothes with you.

Wait… This is not a paradox. Let me clear the air, please.
The thing is, you don’t need to carry 7-8 outfits. However, the thing is where you could have placed 2 outfits properly, you can cylindrically carry 3 or 4 of them.
But you can see, 3 or 4 outfits are still fewer than 7-8 count.
What are we trying to achieve through this? You can best read about the benefits of traveling light.

Backpack over the collapsible duffle bags!

A collapsible duffle bag is a good option but not preferable over the backpack. The reason is that you can easily carry a backpack, unlike a duffle bag.
Obviously, you don’t want to train your forearms over at the airport. We acknowledge that these are just tips to let you travel in a budget-friendly fashion and reduce your hassle. It doesn’t mean that hassle doesn’t exist at all. It exists, it is why we are preferring that you should travel in a backpack.
You can enjoy sitting and letting your backpack rest in a relatively smaller space than a collapsible duffle bag.

Use google maps.

Using google maps is one of the most useful things that you can do before starting to travel in your destination state/country after you have reached your destination state.
The objective? Studying the road structure before you start driving. This is especially useful when you are looking for shortcut routes, the route with less traffic, and routes that you can take as emergency exits if you see an upcoming jam.

Don’t consider eating at the airport.

Avoid eating at the airport. Please. This is not only necessary for your health but for your budget as well. However, what precedes your budget, always is health. This is what you need to take care of.
One of the terrible things that can happen at the airport is going about eating everything that's available there. However, there is an alternative for this as well. Try packing some fruits with you or eatables that do not deteriorate in an increased duration. Besides, Protein Shake is one of the best things that you can carry. It is not only wholesome drinkable, but it's rather mobile.
One of the other alternatives is that you carry along with you some milk and dates. Dates and Milk are powerful options when it comes to nutrition. Milk is also very useful in keeping your mood elevated. However, it is implied here that you should not consider milk if you are lactose intolerant.

Avoid Dehydration.

Avoid dehydration by keeping a bottle of water with you. And that, you can buy at the airport. How to avoid getting dehydrated at the airport? Keep drinking water, simple as that.


With all of these travel hacks, our main goal is simple, to stay, mobile, healthy, and relevant to budget-friendliness. Also, these 15 tips and tricks are kept in no particular order. So while you are considering them, you can easily jumble it all up to make it in a particular order.