UAE Guides: Simple Ways to Save Money on Car Rental

October 8th 2020 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: Simple Ways to Save Money on Car Rental

When you are considering hiring a rental car in Dubai it is important to consider ways you can save money and use this medium of transport cheaply. For sure it won't be as cheap as the public transport but the privacy and comfort surely make it worth the experience. Having your rental car gives you the privilege to have a ride at your disposal at all times and that gives you the mobility to explore a city to its fullest.

Ways to Save Money on Car Rental

To save time and money, it is always better to plan ahead and make your bookings early. There are many reputable car rentals that offer you the privilege to book your rental car online from their official website. The thing about pre-bookings is that not only are the prices fairly low but you can also avail of many discounts that can help you get a comfortable car in the best pricing. This is also a good option if you plan on visiting Dubai during peak traveling seasons as you can book your ideal car beforehand and not be stuck with limited options when you need the car for travelling in Dubai.

As long as you're making a credit card payment, make sure to choose a card with full reward potential. A round-up of the best car rental credit cards takes into account, all points, and insurance benefits. Before you book, it's worth a look as you can find many different card discounts too that you can avail of having a particular bank’s credit card.

Furthermore, it is always advised to compare the prices of all the competitors in the car renting business. As a customer, you must benefit and choose the only recommended car rental that offers you the best prices for economical and luxurious cars. It is always better to compare what each agency is offering you in their services as sometimes you can find many facilities from a car rental agency at almost the same prices. It is better to keep an open eye for value-added services that are offered.

Get to know your rental car company’s terms and condition policies as if they do not tend to charge you for an early return, you must make your reservation a little longer than you expect it to be. Adding extra hours or a day will reduce your base rate and in case you are unable to get back to the rental company on the day you are expecting to, you have a safety margin of time and the company won’t charge you extra for late return or extra hours. However, this is completely dependent on your car rentals policies as some companies also charge you for an early return of the vehicle.

In today’s modern time you do not need a GPS from a rental agency as they tend to make extra money off a client through such services. You can easily use your smartphone and get all your locations through the online maps and stay updated about your traveling time and direction.

It is better to get a small car on rent as the rent is mostly lower and even from a traveling point of view, a compact car is easy to drive on busy roads. Having a small car with a lower power engine means that you can save a lot of money on gas. If you get a hybrid car then a significant amount of fuel cost is saved while you cover long distances for intercity trips in a country.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to accept your car after you have thoroughly examined its condition. You must look out for dents and scratches on the car, upon arrival and it is suggested that you take pictures so that you have proof of the car’s condition as you receive it and can tally while returning the car. This helps you be sure if the agency is not charging you for any damages you didn’t do to the car.

Furthermore, it is also advised to search for third-party apps that offer you special discounts if you book a car through them. Having a third party involved makes things safer as they ensure that all vehicles registered with them are fit to drive and the third-party entity may offer to get your car delivered to you which again saves your time and money to acquire a car from any specific pick up points.

With family, we understand how a man may have his concerns when it comes down to his ride. If you are planning a family road trip and have any baby on board, it is better to get your own baby car seat as the agency may charge you extra for installing a car seat for your baby. As a father, you can feel more relaxed about your baby’s comfort and safety if you have installed the car seat yourself and therefore a fun time is guaranteed for sure.

Other than these ways, there are many other ways of saving money on car renting, depending on the agency, type of car you hire for your services, and the time you are booking your car. A city with a booming tourist industry may have a high rate for monthly car rentals as compared to small cities with fewer people coming in throughout the year. For a comfortable yet pocket-friendly car renting experience, it is better to do your research and know exactly what you want from your ideal ride.