UAE Guides: Smart Models of Compact Car and Their Benefits

September 16th 2020 in Explore
UAE Guides: Smart Models of Compact Car and Their Benefits

What are compact cars? They are small passenger cars looking very smart. But the real smartness of these compact vehicles is that they ensure your comfort and of course your budget

Being the Rent A Car Industry giant in UAE, we are aware of the fact that the moment of choosing the one that will be your perfect travel companion is special. And of course, a cheap and comfortable compact car makes your UAE trips unforgettable.

Finalrentals makes the largest platform available to you so that you can hire compact cars for the long term period in Dubai. So, it is necessary to make you aware of different types/models of compact brands and their best features that will make you amaze while making your Dubai trip memorable.

Compact Cars: Are they made for you?

Compact cars do everything. The compact segment is perhaps the most versatile of all. They have enough capacity to comfortably travel up to 5 passengers, trunks of considerable dimensions, and are not as big as SUVs so you will not have problems maneuvering and parking in the city. In addition, they are durable and safe cars, essential for those who spend half their lives enjoying the landscapes.

Design and size, what young people value most

Well, an overwhelming majority of the young people admit that they are carried away by aesthetics when choosing a new car, which they consider something like an extension of their uniqueness.

Another point that influences when hiring a car is size. Yes, size does matter. As we have experienced, the younger generation always prefers small or compact models because of the aspects of comfort, easy-handling, and cost-effectiveness.

Five Known Compact Cars

Take a look at the list of compact car models that we have prepared for you:

Toyota Yaris

The long drive with the new 2020 Toyota Yaris XLE is really amazing. Our car rental platform offers you the new Yaris XLE as it is really fun to drive and very stable. With this compact car, you will see the world from a different point of view.

The available equipment is innovative, such as keyless access and start, the integrated navigation system with access to applications, the rear camera, and the independent automatic climate control for the driver and passenger.

One of the best features of the Yaris is its wider space, in which four adults can travel quite comfortably. Overall, the quality of performance is at a good level.

Nissan Micra has been destined for compact passenger cars. This model is a totally renewed compact that grows in all aspects. The Micra is one of the cars available with all the good equipment and a lot of practicality based on innovative technology.

This model is an eye-catching car thanks to a much more aggressive design: a sharp front end with large headlights, wide wheel arches, and a completely redesigned rear camera. Without a doubt, all these features bring a new level of versatility to the car.

We must not forget that the model performs perfectly in the urban and interurban environments of Dubai. We, being the most experienced Dubai Rent a Car service provider, recommend you to hire Micra and enjoy your trips at least for a month.

Kia Picanto

The new Kia Picanto completely updates its aesthetics as the most attractive design has been applied. The Picanto has immensely youthful and sporty shapes, with great customization options and enviable equipment.

After a first look at the model, it is clear that it has been designed to be more attractive than ever. It stands out for its prominent front, with the integrated tiger-nose grille, in addition to surprising air intakes on the sides. Clean lines and bold headlights dominate the rear. It should be said that the images correspond to the GT-Line version, which will be the sportiest finish in the range, which includes additions such as the side skirts, the rear splitter, or the large alloy wheels.

Inside of the Picanto, you will find greater advances as well. In addition to being a cabin with more color and modern shapes, work has been done to improve the quality of all the materials that make up this model, capable of perfectly accommodating four passengers.

Fully leather covering, metal pedals, infotainment system with integrated touch screen ... many are the details that let you see the enormous work done by the brand. Hire this one and enjoy the best moments of your life with our cheap car rental UAE service.

Ford Figo

The Ford Figo becomes what we have formerly known as the Fiesta Ikon, however, it returns with more improved technology and a good level of equipment. We recommend this because the Figo is a car with conservative shapes but with good aerodynamic lines, very much in line with the familiar Ford’s traditional pattern. Of course, this car is designed for families who want mobility at the cheapest possible price.

The Figo has a new most desirable feature inside: with a dock to place a phone on the console, which is very convenient and comfortable. This model of Ford is fully equipped with airbags and also an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and other electronic aids depending on the model.

Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark is one of the best performance compact cars as it performs well in the city, especially if you have to move several times a day in the city with the widespread vehicular congestion.

It has all the comforts that a car of greater commercial value could have: air conditioning, electrically operated windows, multipoint injection engine, and one of the most efficient, hydraulically assisted steering, opening, and closing with centralized lock, great mechanical reliability, and ease of maintenance. And on the highway, it provides greater gas mileage as well.

This amazing model is specially designed for 5 passengers. And the best and most unique feature of the model is its 5 doors, 4 for passengers and one for the luggage rack, unlike similar cars that have only 2 or 3 doors.