UAE Guides: What is the ideal time to go out for a drive in Dubai?

October 2nd 2020 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: What is the ideal time to go out for a drive in Dubai?

The enchanting city of Dubai is undoubtedly a luxurious city for all adventurous individuals out there. The city offers the perfect ambiance and set of activities that make it a perfect vacation destination, where an individual can come and relax his/her mind. Dubai has a reputation for its tourism industry as the planned city offers some of the most appealing tourist attractions and recreational activities that can make your vacation trip, a lifelong cherishing memory. Throughout the year, many travelers find their way to the majestic city of Dubai and find great pleasure in availing of the facilities and comforts offered. What most independent and executive people need, in Dubai, is a comfortable ride to drive them around and make traveling in Dubai a safe experience. In times like coronavirus, it is highly recommended to not rely on public transports and if one can afford it then one must support business in times of such economic regression. Rent a car in Dubai from Finalrentals, one of the most reputable car rentals in the city that offers you a royal treatment with a wide range of top-notch and comfortable cars to drive and explore the city. Car rental in the UAE is a much more reliable medium of transportation as you can practice social distancing and limit the number of people according to your will while in public transport the chances of being exposed to unwanted germs are high. You have the versatility and convenience with a rental car to go anywhere you want for as long as you would like. As compared to other Gulf States, driving in Dubai is not that hard and Dubai's roads are one of the safest. In most areas, parking is ample and most elite 5-star hotels offer you a private parking space.

For sure, an amazing experience is guaranteed if you hire a car and drive around in the city of Dubai as you will have complete discretion and control over where you want to spend your time in Dubai. Having high mobility will give you a free hand to decide where you want to go and even give you an opportunity to plan road trips with your romantic partner or the entire family. However, while driving in Dubai it is important to know a few essentials which can help you save a lot of road time. One should always look out for ways to avoid traffic jams and commute during laidback traffic flow. Offices in Dubai start at around 8 am. Most citizens live in Dubai's north portion and move to Dubai's southern part for work. Hence as a tourist, if you are in the northern part of Dubai, do not travel between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. to Dubai South, or you would be frustrated because of work commuters off to their workplace. Similarly, do not travel between 5 pm and 7 pm from Dubai South areas to Dubai North areas, as individuals are leaving work to go home in those hours. Furthermore, it is vital to benefit from the digital era and therefore it is suggested to always check the roads on GPS systems before leaving your place in order to know any traffic jam alerts and any diversions due to maintenance. You can check the traffic updates at RTA’s website for traffic updates. To prevent traffic, a lot of people use Sheikh Zayed Road to drive. Based on the large number of vehicles and some road work, this creates traffic slowdowns. It's safer to use Emirates Road or E44, also known as Al Khail Highway. This is a larger highway and has no toll on Salik as well. You're going to have less traffic congestion and therefore save money.

Most residents are aware of the fact that the ideal time to drive in Dubai is Friday mornings. If you’re a first-time traveler to Dubai, it is important to note that most people stay at home at this time, and therefore it’s the perfect hour to plan a city road trip. Go early in the morning on a weekday and return in the evening after 5 pm for out of town trips to the Northern Emirates. On Friday, avoid shopping malls and parks because families tend to crowd such places with all the fun. It is advisable to benefit from your vacation and visit malls and parks on weekday mornings and enjoy a wonderful time. A car rental offers you the privilege to enjoy roaming around the city at your own time. Imagine if you’re hungry in the middle of the night and what a great feeling of freedom you shall experience as you drive around the city enjoying an eventful nightlife of Dubai with top of the line eateries to serve you an exquisite menu and satisfy your hunger. During the night Dubai is much appreciated for its chill vibe with some great party goers who enjoy partying hard. For visitors who wish to enjoy a divine nightlife, having a personal car to drive around the city is a plus point and can check out multiple bars and clubs and settle wherever they feel the party is of their interest with a friendly crowd to chill with. 

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