UAE Guides: 5 Points to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Car on Rent in Dubai

October 13th 2020 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: 5 Points to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Car on Rent in Dubai

The majestic city of Dubai is undoubtedly a magnificent vacation destination that must be enjoyed to the fullest capacity. The city offers a dynamic range of activities that one can indulge in and provides various luxurious facilities. Renting a car in Dubai is surely a way to make your stay more comfortable, exciting, and full of adventure. From economical cars to the top-notch luxurious cars, Dubai has it all! The state takes full pride in developing a city specifically designed for cars with great infrastructure safety measures. Hiring a car on rent surely allows you to enjoy your ride on your own time. It is also a better and safer option as compared to public transport, especially in times like COVID’19.

A Few Essentials to Remember While Renting a Car in Dubai

Must-Have a Registered Driving License

To drive around Dubai, a registered driving license is a must. You do not require a separate UAE driver's license if you already have a foreign driving license from those countries.

You need a valid UAE Driving License if you live in the UAE on a Residential Visa or Work Permit. You need driving lessons and pass the driving test from the RTA-approved Driving Institute.

If you are exploring the UAE as a tourist and want to get around with a rental car, you need to have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) along with your original Driving License, both issued from your home country.

Know your purpose for Hiring a Car

While renting a car, be sure of your traveling plans and know whether you are going to stay within Dubai or take short trips to other places nearby in the UAE. If you want to travel for long distances then you must hire a car where you can accommodate your luggage and still have space for your travel companion. An SUV may seem like a reasonable option for a family to enjoy a memorable trip. Having a cruise control car could also come in handy to cover long distances for a trip. However, for intercity mobility, you can use a mini or economy car which would give you good mile-age with less gas consumption and therefore you save more money.

When you pick up the rental car

From inside and outside, examine the car and take photographs of any potential marks it arrives with. Everywhere you go, you should make this a routine and it's very convenient to do it because you don't have to pay extra fees for scratches or damages you haven't done yourself. Furthermore, make sure to check all the documents of the car and ensure its registered car with all the permits and dues cleared. It is better to ask beforehand from the person handing over you the car if there are any particular things you must know about the car such as any safety feature and do check all 4 tires of the car along with a spare tire in the trunk. Ask the rental car company for their protocol/procedure in case of an emergency.

Get insurance

Auto insurance is not anything to look at lightly and it is proven to car rental companies! That's why, to protect you, they do the best they can. The legislation allows rental companies in the Emirates to have third-party liability insurance, including the rental price, but there are some extra insurance options that you can get on top of that such as, Personal Effects Cover, in which you will be covered in the event of theft of your rental car belongings; Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). If you would like to go for full insurance you can go for SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver).

Traffic Fine Rules and Regulations

Before driving in any foreign country, it is advised to know its traffic laws and regulation. To ensure that everyone has secure driving experience in the area, the Roads & Transport Authority Dubai is constantly updating their list of Dubai traffic fines with rigid penalties. Hence, it's crucial to remain aware of the traffic laws in Dubai, whether you are a new driver, a professional driver, or even just a pedestrian, to prevent any unwanted fines.

Other than these basic and crucial things to consider, an individual may keep in mind many other things before hiring a car. For starters, most travelers who tend to make a short trip to Dubai prefer staying limited to taxis and other app-oriented ride bookings. Apart from that, people who are visiting for work-related commitments usually have a company car driving them around or sometimes they get a taxi as it is more convenient and time-saving as compared to getting a car rental. Moving on, it is also important for one to consider his financial budget before deciding upon a ride as there is a wide range of multiple cars that are available for car rental in Dubai. Lastly, while hiring a monthly car rental in Dubai it is essential to understand that you are a foreign driver and therefore it is your responsibility to follow the local driving norms and culture. If you are impatient and have a habit of honking unnecessarily you will be considered rude and any inconvenience caused to the traffic such as blocking the road can result in penalties.

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