UAE Guides: Wanna rent a car amid COVID19 crisis?

May 15th 2020 in Explore
UAE Guides: Wanna rent a car amid COVID19 crisis?

We understand that COVID19 is making you feel sad and it is hard to stay positive as you have spent so much time in the lockdown already and you are uncertain about the future related to work and many other things that surround you.

It is a good idea to stay lean and spend as little as possible and work under a certain budget for a few months and assess this dynamic situation that is changing every day.

We at Finalrentals are always with you no matter what and we are in this together. Considering the fact that living on a budget will be the mantra from now onwards we have some special COVID19 centric deals for you.

Are you looking for a low cost? 

You can drive a nice and cozy Nissan Micra for as low as 1030 AED per month (subject to VMD 60 and 5% VAT). Nissan Micra is an ideal choice for budget car renters who are looking for the best value for money. We rate Nissan Micra highly on fuel efficiency and the driving experience is great as well.

You can rent a Nissan Micra on monthly rentals for as low as 1030 AED. What are you waiting for? Rent your car now by following the link below and yes before we forget to tell you… there is free delivery available all across the UAE. You can stay home and stay safe and we will deliver the car to you. Yay!!!!

Nissan Micra monthly car rental.

Are you looking to rent a Budget SUV for a month?

SUVs are not cheap when it comes to monthly car rentals, but the good news is Finalrentals has a deal for you. If you are looking for a budget SUV of just around 2000 AED per month with good looks and good performance, then Kia Sportage is an option to bet on for sure.

For only 2060 AED per month, you can rent a Kia Sportage on a monthly basis and free delivery to wherever you are in UAE. Not a bad deal isn't it?

What happened to that road trip with friends?

COVID19 is impacting us for sure but that does not mean you cannot go for that very cool road trip with your flatmates over the weekend and guess what? We have the right vehicle for you… Nissan Kicks! you heard it. You gotta try this Lil beautiful mini sorta SUV which is built for the outings with friends in need and friends indeed.

Rent Nissan Kick on monthly basis for as low as 1647 AED per month. Now that is a deal, isn't it?

We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as have enjoyed writing it. You can check the monthly car rentals page and also if you are looking to rent on a short-term basis then you can log on to Finalrentals home page.

If you love using apps instead then you can download the Finalrentals app on iOS as well as Google Play.

See you on the road. Happy driving with Finalrentals.