UAE Guides: Pay Sharjah Traffic Fines and Be Quick! Avail of 50% Discount

March 25th 2021 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Pay Sharjah Traffic Fines and Be Quick! Avail of 50% Discount
You can pay Sharjah traffic fines at a 50% discount now... But you need to hurry up! Clear your fines and maintain your interaction with monthly car rentals!
Sharjah Road & Transport Authority displayed its generosity through Twitter when it announced a 50% discount. Here's their tweet:
The discount has resulted from the Covid-19 crisis. The Government encouraged the offenders to pay their fines. And at such a discount percentage, it will not be difficult to say that the payment of fines has been made easier.

Pay Sharjah Traffic Fines at 50% before 31st March!

The decision of a 50% discount on traffic fines in Sharjah is due to the Covid-19 crisis. Hurry up before 31st of March, as the discount shall end on the said date.
The Sharjah police also said that the motorists can pay their fines through the Ministry of Interior application. However, the Ministry of Interior app is not the only option left for motorists to pay their traffic fines. You can also do it through the Sahl devices available in the emirate.
You can avail of a 50% discount on all your traffic fines that you incurred from January 1 to October 31. However, there is one exception.
According to the major-general who is the commander-in-chief of the Sharjah police. Major-general Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi said that all traffic violations fines are cut down by 50% except for the more serious violations.
For additional information, feel free to call 600525252.

Here’s how to be more careful next time.

After you pay Sharjah Traffic Fines, here's how to be more careful next time.
One of the strongest ways of being more careful in making informed decisions. However, you need to acquire the necessary information in order to make informed decisions.
Below are some of the serious offenses that can make you step into a land full of trouble.
There are 200 offenses that you can engage in while being on the road. As for this post, we intend to mention the ones that have a high number of black points.
If you don't know what they are, you can check out our post Black Points System Explained: How to Reduce Them for more information.



Black Points

Overspeeding/ Driving Dangerously/ Racing on the road. AED 2000 12
Hit resulting in Death/ Causing someone's death. N/A 12
Reckless Driving AED 2000 12
Speeding over 60 km/h AED 1000 12
Endangering Public Life AED 1000 12
Escaping a traffic officer or running away AED 800 12
Insecure Load AED 3000 12
Driving under the influence (Drugs, Alcohol, and the influences alike) N/A 24
Driving a vehicle without a number plate. AED 1000 24
Dangerous overtaking by the bus drivers AED 800 24

You can check more traffic violations and their fines out from here:
Here's where you can do Traffic Fines Inquiry.

Addressing People’s Questions: Pay Sharjah Traffic Fines.

How do I pay Sharjah traffic fines? 

You can pay Sharjah Traffic fines through the police website. If you want to pay in person, you can easily do so at Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department that is situated in Wasit Area. You can pay your traffic fine through your credit card as well.

Can we pay Sharjah traffic fines online?

Yes, you can pay your traffic fines in Sharjah online. That is through the website. The service facilitates all kinds of drivers and vehicle owners. Check out the Emirates Vehicle Gate Website.

How can I check my traffic fine in Sharjah?

You can easily check them out at their official website. Go to the e-services tab to check out your traffic fines.

How can I pay the Sharjah Municipality fine?

You can just simply visit the Sharjah Municipality portal online and land at their smart services tab. Also, you can give them a call at 993 for further guidance and support.

Is there any discount on Traffic Fines in Sharjah?

The discount offer ends on 31 st March 2021! So hurry up and pay your Sharjah traffic fines at a 50% discount!


Pay Sharjah Traffic Fines at a 50% discount today! One of the amazing decisions made by the government.
It is not only a generous move that's made in consideration of the Covid-19 crisis, but it's also an encouragement to the offenders.
With such a discount percentage, offenders are encouraged to pay their fines.
However, serious offenses are an exception to such an offer.