UAE Guides: Addressing and Learning The Facts and Data

May 26th 2021 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Addressing and Learning The Facts and Data

Distracted driving is defined as driving while partially paying attention to driving. Or, engaging in activities that capture or take away your attention from driving.

In UAE, 59 people ended up losing their lives in 438 accidents across the UAE in 2018.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this matter.

As per CDC, there are 3 types of distracted driving: Visual, Manual, and Cognitive.

Now, if you engage in such a display of carelessness in the UAE, you will end up paying AED 400 and receiving 4 Black Points.

Don't worry, we have suggested a blog post about how to reduce them as well (if you have scored any of them).

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is defined as driving while engaging in other activities that capture your attention away from driving. Therefore, eating, using a mobile phone, and other constant discussions while driving are some of the examples of distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Statistics

Below are distracted driving facts from different regions (UAE, America, and Abu Dhabi)

Starting from Distracted Driving 2018, distractions while driving participated in taking the lives of 59 people in 438 accidents across the UAE in 2018.

While in America...

Distracted driving 2019 Statistics (from Zebra), a survey conducted on 2,000 Americans:

  1. 37% of these 2000 said that they felt the high pressure to respond to work-related messages.

  2. 1/3 females admitted to taking pictures while driving.

  3. 87% of parents were more likely to be distracted by small children than 74% of drivers that didn't have any small children at all.

In Abu Dhabi...

Abu Dhabi, Distracted Driving 2020 Statistics: Abu Dhabi’s Police recorded 30,606 cases.

And as of Distracted Driving 2021, Abu Dhabi has reported this February 35,000 motorists cases.

However, Abu Dhabi has a smart system for detecting tailgaters which have been deployed already!

Distracted Driving 3 Types?

Now according to CDC, Distracted Driving 3 types are Visual, Manual, and Cognitive.

  1. Visual is looking away or taking your eyes off the road while you are driving.

  1. Manual distracted driving is when you take your hands off the steering wheel.

  1. Cognitive (from cognition) [the ability to understand and process info] is when you take your attention and focus (mind) off the road.

What Are The 4 Types Of Distractions While Driving?

  1. Using Your Phone While Driving:

When you use your phone while driving, it is something that can technically fall into all categories of distracted driving! This is when you take your hands off the steering wheel, eyes, and mind off the road!

  1. Constant Discussions:

Talking to other people constantly and having discussions while driving is a perfect way to get engaged and the next sound you hear is B O O M.

To avoid that, avoid having discussions in your car altogether! Understand that the car is a transportation mode that is used for traveling.

You can have your discussions in the parking lot or in a hotel, you just don't need to engage yourself in distracted driving!

  1. Eating While Driving:

Even though it is allowed to eat and drink behind the steering wheel while you drive in UAE. However, it is not a good idea.

We need to understand that just because it is legal, it doesn't mean that it's ideal. When you are eating behind the steering wheel, you might be able to stick your eyes on the road but not your hands.

First of all, you constantly have to take your hands off the steering wheel to take that bite. 

Secondly, we would like to very much doubt that your mind remains present on the road while you are eating and driving. Therefore, stop, eat, and then drive. Avoid distractions while driving and rise above distracted driving!

  1. Too Interested:

Have you ever caught yourself being too interested in a struggle, fight, or heated argument going outside? Well, people too interested in what's going outside tend to ignore what's right in front of them.

To avoid this altogether, don't get caught in what's going outside. If it's not coming inside your vehicle and it's not an emergency situation that requires your input, drive away!

And if you were looking for Distracted Driving 5 Ways, then here's the fifth way:

  1. Daydreaming:

Daydreaming may be one of the popular ways of distracted driving.

This is when a driver distracts itself from driving without the use of any social media or device. 

We understand that we all are humans and we can jump into the world of thoughts, emotions, ideas, and questions in the blink of an eye.

However, while driving, we need to step out and avoid distractions while driving.

Distracted Driving Laws.

UAE law categorically mentions that using phones or any other distractions while driving will cost AED 400 and four black points.

Black points are negative points assigned to a driver on his or her driving license. Upon scoring 24 black points, the driver's license is canceled. These points are canceled in a year and the driver's license is renewed.

Suggested: Black Points System Explained: How To Reduce Them.

Also, check out the Distracted Driving Safety Training Video


Distracted Driving is one of the deadliest acts you can do while driving.

It is not only putting your life at the stake but of your fellow road sharers as well.

While it is not wise to transgress the law, many people end up doing so anyway.

What we need to realize is that it's equally important to save ourselves from such carelessness and the agony that follows up.

Therefore, Stay safe and stay wise!

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