UAE Guides: Car Rental Industry Challenges faced by Renters

January 13th 2021 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: Car Rental Industry Challenges faced by Renters

Each Industry contains its own challenges. The Car Rental Industry is no different. There are many challenges faced by newbies and experienced by both. Keeping both of them in consideration, here are 3 critical car rental industry challenges and how you can tackle them.

Renting a car within your budget is rated at the top. If you want to rent a car within your budget and tackle the first challenge, then you need to answer 5 questions. After choosing your car, we ask you, do you know the essential driving laws in Dubai? This is among the important challenges facing the rental car industry. Then comes Black Points, what are those, and how you can reduce them.

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Car Rental Industry Challenges. 3 Critical Challenges.

First Challenge: Renting a Car at a Cheap Price.

Here's how to rent a car in Dubai at cheap prices with Finalrentals in detail.

Renting a car at a cheap price is a serious problem that can drain your money if you don't get it right. Besides, this challenge is faced mostly by the starters. So you can call it a rookie mistake. However, here is a way among many to help you overcome this issue. Try answering the following questions to set your criteria for choosing a car at a cheap price. 

1.    How many passengers are with you?

The answer to this question will decide how spacious your rental car should be. The more spacious it is, the more expensive it gets.

2.    For how long do you want to rent a car?

This is the second part of the first challenge in the rental car industry challenges that newbies face. Here's the rule of thumb, the longer you rent, the lesser you're charged.

3.    For what purpose do you want to hire a car on rent?

A.   If you are seeking to attend a business meeting, luxurious cars will cost you more than usual.

B.   If you are planning a vacation trip or for regular use, then hiring a pretty normal car on rent is an economical choice.

4.    Do I need Insurance?

This topic of rental car insurance is among the prominent challenges facing the car rental industry. If your current insurance can cover your rental car damages, then you don't need to waste your money. You can find more details on this topic here.

5.    What is my financial capacity? (Budget).

You know it.

The Second Rental Car Industry Challenge: Driving Laws in Dubai.

To beat the Second and most technical rental car industry challenge, here are 41+ essential driving laws in Dubai. This will help you get started with the basic laws that can land you in a lot of trouble if you break them. Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Most of the time, first-time visitors are not aware of driving laws in Dubai. If you learn a little about these laws, you can easily beat this challenge. Here are some laws for #drivingindubai that can hopefully clear out the blur and make it easy for you.

Third Challenge: Black Points - Addressing the challenges in the car rental Industry. 

We all make mistakes. However, when you make a driving mistake in Dubai, you are charged with a challan. You are also slapped with some of the black points. Each offense contains a different count, and there are a total of 24 black points. If you end up scoring all of them, your vehicle is successfully confiscated and you can also be jailed.

Wondering what to do after scoring them? Here's the Black Points System Explained: How to Reduce Them.

Here’s the Summary…

This post features the three critical car rental industry challenges that bother people like you. However, there are two ways to overcome these challenges and an ultimatum. Decisions based on Intuition and Decisions based on Information.

An informed decision is the strongest way to overcome the three critical challenges: Renting a car within the budget, knowing the essential driving laws in Dubai, and the Black Points system that can get you banned for a year from driving. All of the links are given in an attempt to back you up with all the necessary information you need.

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