UAE Guides: 7 Driving Tips To Save Your Life

July 6th 2021 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: 7 Driving Tips To Save Your Life

Driving Tips are necessary when it comes to saving lives - of those that are around the driver and of those who are with the driver along with the driver him or herself.

That being said, it is important for us to discuss driving tips to make sure that you are able to avoid life-threatening circumstances on the road.

In this post, we are going to detail the 7 don'ts, which actually are 7 driving tips beginning with a "Don't"

So there you have it, the 7 different actions or rather we should also call them "Absolutely Horrendous Blunders" that you have to avoid. You just have to.

So without further ado, let us jump nose-first into the 7 Driving Tips (The Don't Dos) to maintain road safety and save some lives.

Driving Tips - The 7 Don’t Dos:

The Risks of Distracted Driving | Brad Gorski | TEDxStanleyPark

Don't Use Your Phone Will You Drive

The reason why it sits on the top of driving tips is that it's the most common life-threatening thing that people do.

So, this is not only the common form of distraction but it's also the source of 3 types of distractions.

Avoiding all 3 distractions is imperative to driving tips as far as safety goes.

So, What are they?

First of all, you are manually distracted because you can’t use your phone without using your hand, generally speaking.

And secondly, you are visually distracted since you have your eyes on the mobile to check your work e-mail or texts sent to your social media account.

We’re just halfway across 1 of the 8 driving tips to save your life. Are you yet able to see why doing something seemingly simple as using your phone can be life-threatening?

And how important that is to be included in driving tips? Hit us back if you have something more to tell us!

And thirdly, you are cognitively distracted as well. That's because you think before you reply, and you are mentally engaged in an activity that seemed more important to you than driving somehow.

Therefore, "Don’t Use Your Phone While You Drive" sits on the top of the list of Driving Tips.

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Don't Indulge in Discussions While Driving

That's a tough one but a "just one" for driving tips.

The thing is when you engage in discussion, you may stay focused manually.

However, you get quite distracted cognitively. And when recommending some life-saving driving tips, we should highly recommend that you abstain from doing so.

So basically, even if you are able to keep your hands on the steering wheel during discussion (which is quite impossible), even then you are distracted cognitively and visually.

You see, we are humans. And we like to look at things that we are focusing on and we want to look at people that we are talking to, roughly speaking.

Now, what happens when you engage in a discussion?

Well, one of the things that does of course happen is that you move beyond the line that car driving safety tips draw for you.

Now how that manifests itself is by taking your focus off the road and directed towards the discussion.

What else happens by this time is that you look to the person, even though the back mirror is an attempt to maintain eye contact.

Well, as you can now probably see why it's important to bring "Don't Indulge in Discussions While Driving" into the discussion of driving tips.

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Don't Daydream While You Drive

Daydreaming is a funny thing though, but not when you are driving.

(and sorry for mentioning that fact in the list of driving tips but had to though).

However, if you catch yourself daydreaming while you drive, stop right there.

We mean stop daydreaming, not the car.

Well, when we are roaming around the canvas of our imagination, our brain puts the current task on the secondary.

That's not good when you are driving, giving an exam (like a driving test for example), or doing something equally or more important.

But the real problem that the driving tips topic has to deal with is: People know when they just start to daydream. However, they are not generally conscious of it, because thoughts take away the attention.

That is a tough one indeed. After all, how can you stop a person from doing something that he or she is not conscious of? But the dilemma is that they still know because they have an idea about what they are doing.

But then again, that idea becomes clouded because the person is so into it.

So, how to deal with that?

Well, one practical solution that driving tips can ideally suggest would be to stop daydreaming just when you catch yourself doing so.

And an even more practical solution would be to keep your whole focus on the road in the first place.

Engage yourself in watching the environment, focus on maintaining a healthy distance, and things alike.

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Don't Be Distracted By an Outside Event While You Are Driving

Don't Be Distracted By an Outside Event While You Are Driving.

Ever saw a conflict outside that caught your attention?

For the driving tips topic, this is not a hard problem to deal with.

However, the fact that it comes in many forms can really make it a little difficult thing to deal with.

There are all sorts of things that catch the driver's attention.

It can be billboards, signboards, a conflict on the road, a police chase, an amazing smell of a restaurant, a luxury car, a tall skyscraper, road construction, other drivers, and more.

So how to maintain your focus? Well, keep yourself attention engaged on the road, to begin with.

Note: Engaging your attention is just the right word to highlight the intensity of the level of focus.

Driving Tips powerfully focuses and encourages you to keep your attention engaged on the road.

So what will it look like?

So while driving, engaging your attention would like staying conscious of the distance you maintain, remembering and paying attention to the turns to avoid sudden swirling, and staying conscious of lane changes are some of the examples of staying mentally engaged.

Don't Drink & Drive

Boy oh boy, that can land you in a world full of troubles.

This is something that's a concern for the safety driving tips secondarily as far UAE is concerned.

Why so?

It is because UAE is not ready to accept driving under any influence whatsoever.

Hence, the strict consequences.

Some of them are getting jailed if the court decides, or getting deported, and getting blessed with hefty amounts of fines.

Now those are some serious, and we mean it, SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES for driving under influence.

And now as far as Driving Tips are concerned, you really should avoid it.

You should avoid it even in those countries where they allow certain levels of alcohol for driving.

But let us tell, it's not a good idea. At all.

You can end up in serious accidents, hurting yourself and others too.

Don't Worry About What Other Drivers Think of You

Now, this is an important one from the list of Driving Tips because we are going to discuss a widely felt problem and how to tackle with that.

It's easy to become overconcerned and frustrated by thinking about what other drivers are thinking about you.

How easy or difficult it may be because that's not the point. The point is that this frustration or over concern can really end you up in an accident.

Therefore keeping yourself distant from thoughts that push you out of harmony shall be avoided at all costs.

And the dangers to which this concern can push you towards are absolutely horrendous!

It is because as far as driving tips are concerned, think about being frustrated by the constant wrongful thought that the driver beside you is constantly thinking how slow of a driver you are.

Now, this can push you to your limits and really make you speed up. Now you can see how also the road rages are triggered as well.

Don't Try Out a New Vehicle Without Knowing Its Dynamics

Trying out a new vehicle without knowing its dynamics is a thing that directly challenges the driving tips to save your life.

You can't get out on the road without having anything known about the vehicle that you are driving.

This is something particularly dangerous because you are just like a driver that is trying to learn while driving on the road.

This obviously ends up challenging the life of the driver and of those that are around him.

So best advised to learn the dynamics of the new vehicle before you get it on the road, as far as safe driving tips are concerned.

The Recap.

Driving Tips put together:

Driving Tip # 1: Don't use your phone while you drive.

Driving Tip # 2: Don't indulge in discussions while you are driving.

Driving Tip # 3: Don't Daydream while you drive.

Driving Tip # 4: Don't be distracted by an outside event.

Driving Tip # 5: Don't Drink & Drive.

Driving Tip # 6: Don't worry about what other drivers think of you.

Driving Tip # 7: Don't try out a new vehicle without knowing its dynamics.