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Abu Dhabi rests on a lovely island in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, close off the coast of the mainland. The UAE's capital has much to offer, such as high-rising skylines that seem to reach out and touch the moon on a warm summer's eve. Shopping malls that you explore until you can no longer shop. Explore the vast Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which features an enormous Persian carpet and brilliant chandeliers, as well as seating for over 40,000 worshippers beneath the white-marble domes, and learn about the history and commerce of oil exports through the Marina Mall's reflection. All of this adventure is made possible by the use of a car. So come on,  Rent a car Abu Dhabi with Finalrentals, and let's explore the capital together.

Driving with Finalrentals UAE

Finalrentals UAE is the leading online Daily Car Rental Abu Dhabi Service specialising in luxury, economical, and corporate vehicles. Our service offers you options to rent a range of vehicles, whether you are travelling for leisure or business within Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE.

While travelling throughout the UAE, it is impossible to overlook the enchanting capital and the incredible array of attractions it can offer, and renting a car will simplify this spectacular travel.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the magnificent landmarks the UAE capital offers. Did you know it's the largest mosque in the UAE and the third largest worldwide? It is roughly 22,400 square metres in measurement, and since we are talking about the largest places in Abu Dhabi, we must also talk about the desert. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is adjacent to the world's largest contiguous desert. So, if you want to explore that further, you know what to do. Rent a car Abu Dhabi per day with Finalrentals UAE.

Explore Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi not only has air-conditioned places that can help you cool down from the boiling sun, but it also has some oddly designed infrastructure that will make your eyes widen. Your brain wonders what else this capital has to offer, and for any F1 racers fans, you can also see the Grand Prix.

There are numerous sites to explore in Abu Dhabi, so why don't you consider renting a car from Dubai to Abu Dhabi? Finalrentals UAE can help you with Rent a car in Abu Dhabi per day.

FAQs about renting a car Abu Dhabi

How to Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi has several car rental companies, each with prices and fees. Evaluating each pricing for the best rate is challenging, especially when confronted with hidden fees. Finalrentals UAE gathers the most popular car rentals in the capital and assists you in deciding which car hire in Abu Dhabi for your budget.

The Cost of Renting a Car in Abu Dhabi?

A small car in Abu Dhabi costs roughly AED 30 per day or AED 1200 per month, including all expenses. The cost of a car hire  Abu Dhabi might vary based on how long you rent or lease the car. Long-term leases can start at 30 AED per day, but monthly rentals start at 60 AED per day, and shorter-term rentals start at 90 AED per day.

What Makes Finalrentals UAE’s Prices the Lowest?

This is attributed to the simple reason that Finalrentals UAE is free of commissions or markups. As a customer, you will interact directly with the Abu Dhabi car rental daily service provider instead of through an agent.

Reserving a Car in Abu Dhabi?

Go to this web page in Abu Dhabi to see live car rental offers before requesting a car hire in Abu Dhabi. The Finalrentals UAE app is also freely available for iOS and Android devices. Contact any of the listed Abu Dhabi Car Rentals by WhatsApp or phone. Provide all of your paperwork and discuss the rental car requirements. Then, depending on the rental length required, calculate the ultimate price. Delivery is usually available at your convenience. That's all there is to it!

Car Renting with a New License?

If you are over 21, you can rent a car services in Abu Dhabi with a new license. While driving, you must have a copy of your passport, a resident visa, and an Emirates ID.

Some companies require your driving license to be at least six months old. Your driving license can be impacted by whether or not you have obtained insurance.

Locating a Car Rental Near Me

Googling "How to rent a car near me in Abu Dhabi" is the most efficient way to find car rentals in the UAE capital.

Finalrentals UAE already assists in providing direct listings from registered and active Abu Dhabi car rentals. The prices you see on Finalrentals UAE are the best deals available regionally.

Abu Dhabi Car Rental Needs

When renting a car in Abu Dhabi, you must possess a driver's license and be over 21. If you are not from the UAE, you may additionally need an International Driving Permit.

Long Period Costing

It is primarily based on the vehicle brand and type that will determine the cost of long-term car rental Abu Dhabi. Nonetheless, car hire Abu Dhabi costs between AED 1299 and AED 2099 monthly.

Weekly Car Renting

The cost of weekly car hire in Abu Dhabi mainly depends on the vehicle's brand and model. Economy car rentals in Abu Dhabi typically cost between AED 600 and AED 2100 per week. If you wish to rent a Rolls Royce or something comparable, premium and sports cars might cost up to AED 35,000 per week. These rare cars are delivered by car rental companies in Abu Dhabi.

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