Looking to rent a Car at the Ayla Hotel?

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Rent A Car in Ayla Hotel - About Ayla Hotel:

Looking to rent a Car at the Ayla Hotel?

Well, Ayla Hotel seems to be targetting the main customer problems in the right way by featuring cleanliness and ample parking space.

Cleanliness and parking space are two of the main issues that people face in hotels across the world.

Ayla Hotel practically responds to these issues and offers a good experience in exchange.

This is one of the many spots that Finalrentals cover. The Hotel offers great food quality and maintains cleanliness which is one of the biggest factors that most hotels find hard to stick to.

Moreover, Ayla Hotel offers Free WiFi and Free Gym that can let you remain connected and get your workout done.

In addition to these amenities, The hotel satisfies one of the biggest problems that most hotel visitors tackle and that is parking.

You can experience ample parking in the Ayla Hotel and Pharmacy under the hotel. However, you may find the rooms dull and may also need a car to stay connected.

Features of Ayla Hotel:

Great Food Quality.
Free WiFi.
Free Gym.
Easy Parking.
Spacious Rooms.
Pharmacy under the Hotel.
You may find the room colors dull.

How to Rent a Car in Ayla Hotel?

Wanna rent a car in Ayla Hotel?

Let's start off by using the bar above this section.

You'll be able to find this bar almost across our website. So that you can rent a car easily.

Just enter your details and hit the red button to enter the scrollable rental car collection right away.

Keep scrolling till you come across the one you have been after and hit the Book Now button to tell us the same!

Or you can download the Finalrentals Application to make things handier.

At that point, you'll have the rental car collection just a few touches away!

What Documents are Required to Rent a Car in Ayla Hotel?

For UAE Nationals and Residents
UAE Driving License & Emirates ID
Copy of Residence Visa
Passport Copy
Valid Credit Card (for the security deposit).

And if you are a tourist looking to rent a car in Ayla Hotel, then you will need the following documents:
Tourists and Foreign Visitors
Original Passport and Copy
Tourist Visa Copy
International Driving License
License Issued from Home Country
Valid Credit Card (for security deposit)

Hire Monthly Car Rentals and Weekly Car Rentals in Ayla Hotel. Go through the available car options from different suppliers at different prices.

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