UAE Guides: Understanding the right ‘car’gon

July 26th 2017 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Understanding the right ‘car’gon

Every time you want to rent a car, you hear a number of phrases including CDW and Excess. Seasoned renters might already know what it means but it’s nice to have a handy guide to refer to, just in case. Here’s Final Rentals clarifying all the car rental jargon you need to know.


No matter how careful you are, sometimes damages are inevitable. To ensure you don’t pay more than what you bargained for, car renters hold a certain amount on your credit card as excess. For example, they might hold Dhs1000 as the excess on your credit card. If the damages to your car exceed Dhs1000, you don’t need to pay extra. Likewise, if the damages cost around Dhs500, the remaining amount will be credited back to your account.

Collision Damage Waiver

If you don’t want to pay for Excess, you can opt for a CDW instead. It’s like a daily insurance policy that will cover all the damages to your car without you having to pay Excess. Ensure you’re aware of the cover the CDW provides and all the documents you might need to claim the CDW.

Rental Period

This is the time for which you’ve rented your car. Usually, car rental companies offer a grace period of 2 hours for you to return the car. If you’re not able to return the car even after the grace period, you’ll be charged another day’s rent. Please bear in mind that these rules change with each car rental company.

Delivery and Collection

If you want your car to be delivered to you at a certain location and picked up from elsewhere, your car rental provider may charge you extra. This includes pickup and drops at the airport or any inter-city transfers you may need. Do check the charges before booking this service so you’re not charged anything extra later on.

Going by different names in different companies, this legally-binding agreement lists all the terms and conditions of renting a car through a car rental. Make sure you’ve thoroughly read it and are aware of the various charges you may incur while renting a car with them. This agreement should cover all aspects of the CDW, Excess, Insurance, Mileage Allowance and Charges, and others.

There you have it! Now that you understand this jargon better, you can head to finalrentals and browse through different car renters in the UAE and book a car for the best price.

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