UAE Guides: Travel Hacks for Campervan Trips

November 11th 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Travel Hacks for Campervan Trips

Brilliant Campervan Hacks and Tips

Travelling in a campervan is a great family experience. It allows you to hit the open road, explore amazing sights, spend time with your loved ones and have some fun. Finalrentals has gathered some of the most amazing motorhome hacks and tricks to make your life easier, while on road.

Keep a checklist

Plan ahead and only pack the essentials. Have a quick rundown of what items you will need to bring on your trip.

  1. Clothes: Always have an extra set of clothes. Don’t forget to pack comfy tee shirts, underwear, socks, pants and/or shorts, hoodies and sweatshirts. You’ll need to pack some jackets as well because the nights can get awfully chilly, especially if you are planning a hiking trip.
  2. Toiletries: Organise and don’t forget these important items for your toiletry case. These include baby wipes, facial tissues and toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, one bar of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, deodorant, sunscreen and lotion, along with other personal and feminine hygiene products.
  3. Food and drinks: Pack perishable and easy-to-carry foods and make sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  4. Miscellaneous items: Bring along a phone charger, universal adapter, Wi-Fi signal booster, foldable telescope, flashlight, batteries, bug repellant, matches, towels, pillows and clean blankets.


  1. Use command hooks: If you need to hang your cooking utensils, coats, towels or you simply want a temporary curtain, command hooks are the best.
  2. Get a hanging caddy and bath organizer: Note that while most campervans are equipped with plenty of storage, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Getting a caddy can keep all your toiletries organised.
  3. Hide your wastebasket: Keep your trash in one spot and save space with this handy item that hooks over the cabinet storage basket.

Temperature Control

  1. Styrofoam: For some extra privacy and temperature control, consider cutting a piece of styrofoam to size and then tape it to cover the door window.
  2. Unglazed ceramic tile: Did you know that placing a ceramic tile in the RV oven can distribute heat evenly?
  3. Vent cushion: This keeps hot and cold air out so that your campervan is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can find them in the campervan section of most superstores.


Install push lights: The lights in many campervans tend to be rather yellow, especially at night. Ensure to put a few push lights in dimly lit corners and cabinets. This can help with nighttime chores and late-night snacks. Another great option is placing a headlamp or other strong light into a clear water container, such an empty 2L milk carton filled with water, for a light without glare.

Stick glow-in-the dark marking tape on the stairs: Getting in and out of your RV, especially at night can be a bit tricky. A quick and easy solution to this is by adding strips of glow-in-the-dark tape to the stairs.

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