UAE Guides: Rent a Car in Bur Dubai - Development, Connectivity, and Things to Do in Bur Dubai

June 22nd 2021 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: Rent a Car in Bur Dubai - Development, Connectivity, and Things to Do in Bur Dubai

Rent a Car in Bur Dubai but don't know where to go?

Well, that's a pretty rough situation to get lost in.

However, the purpose of this post is to take you out of that ditch and stop you from the "Go with the Flow" approach.

Rather, it is better to be informed about where to go and what to expect from there.

As for Bur Dubai itself, it is among the biggest residential centers and home to one of the prime tourist attractions, Zabeel Park and The Dubai Frame.

Also, there is Burjuman Centre, Children's City, and Jameel Arts Center.

So, are you ready to rent a car in Bur Dubai and start rolling on 4 wheels to the most famous spots in the region?

Rent a Car in Bur Dubai - Discussing Connectivity & Development:

If you are looking to rent a car in Bur Dubai, then one of the things that you need to know is connectivity and access to major areas of Dubai via Bur Dubai.

Bur Dubai offers indirect access to the major areas of Dubai through Sheikh Zayed Road, which is one of the very prime routes in the region.

In fact, Sheikh Zayed Road is a road that connects Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaima. And more than connectivity, it is just 10 minutes away from Downtown.

But apart from regional connectivity, Bur Dubai is 15 driving minutes away from Dubai International Airport and is home to the iconic Dubai Frame.

Now let's move on to uncover Bur Dubai features that are beyond connectivity. Those features that help you know what'll you get and find after you rent a car in Bur Dubai.

Bur Dubai offers a mix of residential and commercial development. However, the region is more inclined towards the residential side of development.

This is why Bur Dubai is one of the biggest residential centers and among the most popular places to rent an apartment as well.

Places to Visit After You Rent a Car in Bur Dubai:

So, after you rent a car in Bur Dubai, what is it that you plan to do?

Do you want to entertain yourself standing in greenery surrounded by fresh air?

Or is it that you want to take a breath in historical landmarks and try to sink in how was an ancient Arab World like?

Or are you having a little trouble while planning where exactly to land when you rent a car in Bur Dubai?

Well, here we go and dive headfirst into the 5 amazing places, or rather we should say points of interest in the region that you can visit after you rent a car in Bur Dubai.

Starting off with the Zabeel Park, then to the Dubai Frame, then to Burjuman Center that's followed by Children's City and Jameel Arts Center which is a hub for research, learning, and commissions for arts.

Zabeel Park:

When you rent a car in Bur Dubai, make sure that Zabeel Park is one of the places you visit in the region.

First of all, it's humungous in every letter of the word. We mean, it's 45 football fields large that's located in the center of the city.

There's a place dedicated to children who look to bring physical engagement into their daily lives and challenge their physical strength.

There's also space for a family barbecue, jogging, a cricket ground, and many other things that shake the enthusiasm out of you.

And one of those places happens to be the Dubai Frame...

Dubai Frame:

It is among the top tourist attractions that you want to come to after you rent a car in Bur Dubai. It gains attention from all around the world.

An amazing piece of work that is made of aluminum, reinforced concrete, steel, and glass.

Not only that but the Dubai Frame is positioned in such a manner that you can see the newer Dubai on its one end and the older part of Dubai when you look on the other side.

Burjuman Center:

You check also check out Rent a Car Burjuman.

If you rent a car in Bur Dubai, then this mall is one among many places that you would want to come to.

It's a decent mall that offers reasonable prices and an easy shopping experience due to its small size.

Now don't get it wrong though, it is because it's a small mall and hence makes it easier for you to walk around.

So, instead of being a big one and stuffing people, it prefers to stay relatively appropriate in size and offer an easy walking experience.

Children's City:

Children's City also marks its position among the places to visit after you rent ac car in Bur Dubai.

It's basically a science-based learning center that offers a gallery of scientific learning, a nature center, exhibits, and a planetarium. 

It's a place that mixes learning with fun and makes acquiring knowledge all well and good for the children.

Jameel Arts Center:

Ooh, after you rent a car in Bur Dubai, this is the place to be if your art. Jameel Arts Center is focused on exhibiting contemporary art.

The focus is on engaging communities and informing the public. This institute does that by providing people and communities alike with learning and research along with the commissions.

Final Words...

When it comes to rent a car in Bur Dubai, there is more to just searching rent a car in me.

This applies to every rental car customer in the United Arab Emirates, whether they are looking to do Rent a Car Karama, Rent a Car Deira, Rent a Car Sharjah, Rent a Car Bur Dubai Rolla Street, or Cheap Rent a Car Dubai.

Just move past the "Go with the Flow" and know what spots to visit and what places to go and what to expect from them.

It is important to avoid last-minute surprises which are no stranger to our journeys, travels, and commutes.