UAE Guides: 5 Damn Reasons Why is It Worth Renting a Car in Dubai - Absolutely!

March 29th 2021 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: 5 Damn Reasons Why is It Worth Renting a Car in Dubai - Absolutely!
Renting a car in Dubai is an amazing idea for those who can't buy one.
And arguably, there are plenty of them.
As you will come to know about the car prices and the market conditions later in this post.
Whether it be a monthly car rental Dubai services or the weekly one, there are several reasons which make renting a car an amazing idea. We are here to discuss some of them.
You can beat the hassles of public transport with the cheap car rental Dubai services.
What's more?
You can save your car from getting depreciated when you are out on a long vacation or a road trip with the long term car rental Dubai services. And it becomes your support also when your car is on the repair.
In addition to that, what's making rental cars more prominent now especially is either one of the two: High prices of cars or stunned purchasing power due to the lockdown.
And lastly, it's a real test drive option before you think of buying a car.

5 awesome reasons why it is worth renting a car in Dubai.

Renting a car in Dubai is almost necessary. It is because you don't have any other options to travel around.
This is true when you come to realize the other options that you have. Public transport is something that will you out like no problem.
There are other concerns attached to this mode of traveling as well. Such as compromised privacy, being time-bound, and a few more things. Then you have cab services which can also be a hassle.
There is one more thing, and that is getting a car on rent in Dubai. Which makes sense.
What else makes sense? Buying a car in Dubai. However, that is a hard part.
You can know more about why it is hard in the 'Rising prices of cars in UAE' down below to understand the whole scenario.

Public transport.

Those who want to buy a car may be saved by traveling on public transport. But that is one exceptional case. For those who can afford to rent a car Dubai services but not buy one, and rather choose to travel in public transport.
And for those who are foreigners and preferring public transport as a means to travel in Dubai, it's a bad bad idea.
Public transport is not a good way to travel around, and there are several reasons why.
The top reason when it comes to public transport is being time-bound and compromised privacy.
You can't travel around when you want. You have to wake up at a certain time, to get ready at a certain time, to leave at a certain time, just to catch that bus.

Why? Because that bus arrives at that 'certain' time. P O O R!

And if you take that 'just 5 more minutes' nap, the next thing you wake up and realize that you have messed it up.
Yes, you are right. You have messed it up, not by sleeping a little more, but by not renting a car in Dubai.
Secondly, no one wants to travel when their privacy is compromised.
And thirdly, we have come to know how social distancing helps prevent viruses. We are in the recovery phase after the deadly prevalence of such a threatening virus.


There are many facts to consider when it comes to depreciation. So for example you are in Dubai, and you rent a car in Dubai.
By the time you are out of that office or collect your car, you have paid a certain amount as a booking. There is nothing happening to that rental car unless you cause damage by engaging in an accident.
But as far as buying a car is concerned, a car loses its 25% value just as when it is purchased and you drive it off the lot.
This is one side to the depreciation.
Secondly, when you are out on that road trip, the last thing you would want to think about is mileage. Even though it matters a lot. Especially when it is not only about the depreciation but also the concern of wear and tear. Road trips cause wear and tear to your vehicle.
However, you can save that from happening to your car. How? By renting a car in Dubai. If you are out for a tour, then renting a car in Dubai long-term is a better option for you.
It is when you are out on a month-long tour or a vacation. Otherwise, you can consider renting a car in Dubai for a day or for a week as well.
For those who own a car, there is a flip side to the concern of depreciation as well. As far as the relation of mileage driven and depreciation is concerned, they have a direct relation. When one increases in value, so does the other.
However, the flip side is that the increase of mileage-driven count presents you with two situations. One, rent a car in Dubai and sell the one you own or buy a new one after you sell it. Second, it's time for the repairs.
When the milage-driven count increases, you need to keep an eye on the engine, clutch, and the like.
This brings us to our third point…

Renting a car in Dubai is a good choice when your car is on repair.

How do you plan to travel if your car is busy getting repaired? Sometimes your car needs a proper length of time to get repaired. When it comes to getting the engine repaired, your car needs time.
This is when a rental car becomes your go-to option. The cost of renting a car in Dubai is 1197.00 AED monthly. You don't need to consider it for 2 or 4 months if you need it for a month only!

Rising prices of cars in the UAE.

The current situation in the UAE with regard to car prices is a little complicated. We need to move along this storyline in order to understand what happened and when it happened.
But here's the bottom line: People are inclined towards the user-ship side of the spectrum. It means that people are looking to getting a car on rent in Dubai rather than buying one.
Here's what happened.
It is about when the lockdown was prevailing and companies started to shrink in their size. Companies started to unemploy people. And those who were sticking to theirs continued to do so with static salaries. The end result? The stunned purchase power of the people.
When the lockdown ended business resumed, people got jobs, and the economy jumpstarted, the automobile industry introduced newer models. But this time, at a static price (prices same as the year before). This was a deviant (technically speaking writing) as it challenged the norm of the industry.
Usually, newer models are introduced at higher prices. But this time, the automobile industry understood that the case was different, and they had to encourage the buyers. But little to their gain stood the fact of stunned purchase power.
People can't buy new cars. This is why they have moved to the user-ship side of the spectrum.
Renting a car in Dubai long-term or the car lease Dubai is the go-to option for people now.

A real test drive.

Imagine if you are looking to buy a car, how would you know if it’s the right fit for you?
Yes, you can find a ton of information on the internet. Information about the engine specifications, a look into its interior, and the like. But the thing is, you will still not be able to get an idea of how that information first you. How that information is right for you? What value does that information hold for you?
You may request a test drive, but that can't be equivalent to the experience that you can get by driving that vehicle for a month or a week.
For example, if you are looking to buy Nissan Micra, you can get Nissan Micra on Rent to see completely how it can fit into your life and what value you can get out of it at most and at least.
So is it worth renting a car in Dubai? Yes.

What are some renting a car in Dubai rules?

Renting a car in Dubai requirements includes five things & more:
First of all, you need to have a driving license.
Secondly, you are allowed to drive by the UAE government when you are 18 years old. However, renting a car in Dubai requires you to be 21 years old.
Thirdly, you have to pay Salik charges. Those charges are added to the final billing deed.
Fourthly, restricted area. When you get a car on rent, you have to sign or agree to stay within a region. When you attempt to get out of that region, you attract nothing but fines from the company.
Fifthly, you have to pay a security deposit. Security deposit is necessary when it comes to renting a car in Dubai rules. It is because the company can claim a loss if it is not recoverable from the insurance of the car.
What’s more? It depends upon the rental car company as well & what the law says.

Some beneficial Renting a car in Dubai tips.

Check any possible damages to the rental car before collecting the rental car.
Some rental companies may not entertain pets. Be sure to check out what the rental car company's policy says about yours.
Renting a car in Dubai airport is expensive than renting elsewhere. Consider going to a hotel or someplace. Finalrentals entertain dozens of locations across the UAE. Reach to any one of them and hire a car for rent.
Also, get an idea of the ideal market price of renting a car in Dubai.
While you can also opt for the luxury car leasing Dubai side of the services, here are some luxury car rental Dubai price highlights from Finalrentals.
These are all long-term luxury car rental prices (on a monthly basis).
Mercedes rent a car: Mercedes C200 or similar in AED 14143.50.
BMW 5 or similar in AED 14647.50.
BMW 730 or similar in AED 19687.50.
BMW 730 or similar in AED 28287.00.
You can find similar luxury car rental Sharjah options on the Finalrentals Sharjah page.
And as for the sports car rental Dubai option, we have one called Range Rover Sport or similar for AED 16222.50 per month.
And as for monthly car rental with a driver in Dubai, an additional driver costs 150.00 AED. Prices vary for the luxury rent a car option with regards to an additional driver.
Please note: The long-term luxury car rental Dubai option is more expensive than other economic options which are available on Finalrentals.


Renting a car in Dubai is a better option for people now. Keeping stunned purchasing power and high car prices in perspective.
Rental cars have been a support for the tourists already as they don't need to undergo the hassles of public transport.
As for the Dubai populace, they can rely on rental cars when their car is getting repaired. They can also rely on rental cars when they want to save on the cost of wear and tear and the depreciation in their value.
There are reasons beyond the mentioned ones as well that make renting a car in Dubai a good choice for the people!
The question is, are you among those? If not, then where are you positioned in this scenario?