UAE Guides: Post July 01 Traffic Fines in Dubai

July 9th 2017 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Post July 01 Traffic Fines in Dubai

Driving ‘fine’ around Dubai

If you’re a fan of driving dangerously and living on the fast lane, you better buckle up because the RTA is here to keep you safe. New traffic rules have been in effect since July 1, 2017 and Final Rentals is here to crack it down for you in a simple, easy-to-refer list. And if you want a 50% discount on your fines, keep reading till the end!

Buckle up!

Every passenger in the car now has to wear a seatbelt – both in the front and at the back seat. This helps you avoid overloading your vehicle with extra passengers and a fine for that.

Child safety first

It’s now mandatory for children under 4 years to be seated in a child seat. Children under the age of 10 should not be allowed to sit in the front.

Keep your vehicle spick and span

We all love modifying our vehicles according to our taste and style but just make sure you have all the right permissions in place before doing so. You see, you’ll pay fines for modifying the engine or even changing your car’s colour without authorization. Make sure your car windows are tinted to the permitted level and don’t even think about driving without a license plate. If your vehicle is deemed unfit for driving, be prepared to stay without it for 7 days.

Hunger pangs

For those of you who love to snack and drive, it’s okay to do so while you’re waiting for the green signal and not while cruising down the road. If you’re feeling faint and really need to load up on calories, do pull over to the side of the road and compose yourself before continuing. Remember, it’s not just your safety on the line here.

Heavy vehicle?

There’s a whole list of rules for heavy vehicle drivers so make sure your vehicle complies with safety and security standards, is loaded in a safe area that doesn’t disturb others, enters the road safely, and follows lane discipline, among others.

Common-sensical driving

Driving should be pleasurable and enjoyable – for you, your passengers, and for others on the road. So stick to common-sensical driving rules like.

  • following the speed limit,
  • having a proper driving license,
  • stopping when you’ve been in an accident,
  • listening to the traffic policeman (who’s there to help you),
  • giving way to pedestrians… and a whole other list of things here.

I know the rules. Now tell me the rates in case I mess up!

To make it easier for you to remember and to share it with your friends here’s a handy infographic from us to you,

Wait, what about my 50% discount?

As part of the Year of Giving, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, has announced a 50% waiver on all traffic fines accumulated before 2017. This means that any fine you haven’t paid in 2016, 2015, and before will be halved till the end of 2017. This doesn’t include fines accumulated at the beginning of 2017.

Go online and pay your fines or through banks, apps, and RTA centers.