UAE Guides: Is Dubai International Airport Open For Flights?

June 21st 2021 in Travel
UAE Guides: Is Dubai International Airport Open For Flights?

Dubai International Airport is one of the finest airports in the world. We are talking about an airport whose terminal is the world's second-largest building by floor space area.

An airport that has the largest bag handling system in the world and entertains millions and millions of passengers each year.

That's baffling in its true meaning!

However, if it's already beginning to sound like a strong introduction, believe us that you are wrong. We have barely scratched the surface talking about Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Int Airport is a high-performing airport that doesn't just rely on boosting numbers. There are such necessary amenities for passengers that are looking to relax and dust off their stress levels before stepping outside the Dubai AE Airport.

For example Sleeping Pods. They are an amazing opportunity for people who hate sleeping on the seats at the airport. These are pods that help you relax while you are at the Dubai Airport.

But Dubai International Airport is not only limited to just the sleeping pods, but you can restaurants, cafeterias, baby care rooms, children's play areas, ATMs, currency exchange offices, and business centers at Dubai DXB Airport.

Is Dubai International Airport Open for Flights?

Dubai International Airport was re-opened on the 23rd of June, 2020. As for the tourists, the tourism permit was granted on the 7th of July, 2020.

So basically, any tourist could come flying to explore Dubai from 7th of July 2020 till yet.

However, what one must be aware of when traveling to Dubai are strict rules surrounding the Covid-19 issue.

As for the UAE residents at Dubai Airport Flight Departures, they are not required to go undergo Covid-19 testing at the Dubai International Airport. So if you are a UAE national seeking to fly out, you are not required to have the Covid-19 testing done.

However, as for the Dubai Airport Flight Arrivals and the Covid-19 testing, comers to Dubai shall be tested on arrival regardless of their country of departure.

This is to make sure that the impact of Cold-19 is brought down to a minimum as we also know about the asymptomatic individuals.

Also, we know that airports, in general, are a place that can have a large amount of Covid Patients in the region in a concentrated manner. And since the Region’s Government has a disciplined stance on the spread of the Covid-19, one should expect that the regulations will be kept tight in Dubai International Airport.

If you are expecting a guest at the Dubai Airport Flight Arrivals Today, You can check out Dubai Airport Flights Status from here.

Want more details about that? Here’s the Dubai International Airport Contact Number: 04 224 5555.

How many terminals are at the Dubai International Airport?

Dubai Airport Terminal 1:

Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport houses over 60 airlines and entertains more than 20 million passengers every year. This is a staggering characteristic and displays the Airports capacity to play a competent role with regards to its fellow terminals at the airport.

It all started out when it was a small three-story building back in the 1970s. But it is particularly interesting to note that the place offered amazing amenities such as sleeping areas!

But as the first renovation came in the year 2000 to Dubai International Airport, Terminal 1 grew in its capacity to entertain 20 million passengers. But it was until the second renovation was about to come 10 years after that which helped DXB Terminal 1 progress beyond.

Dubai Airport Terminal 2:

Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport started out with the capacity of entertaining 2 million guests per year. But today, things are different for Terminal II.

Now it entertains 10 million passengers per year which has helped the Dubai International Airport to grow in the number of passengers that it deals with now.

Even back in 1998 when it was initiated, it helped DXB in dividing the passenger traffic at the airport and facilitate flight traffic.

Thus with the construction of Dubai Airport Terminal 2, DXB completed one more step in its way of advancement.

Dubai Airport Terminal 3:

Dubai Airport Terminal 3 is one of the three terminals at the Dubai International Airport that has the capacity of entertaining 43 million people across. How it justifies its capacity to entertain 43 million people is even more interesting.

Dubai airport terminal 3 has the world's largest bag handling system, handling 8,000 bags per hour. That amounts up to a staggering 192,000 bags being handled over the period of 24 hours.

Visit the Terminal 3 page to know more interesting facts about Dubai International Airport Terminal 3.
Final Words...

Dubai International Airport is one of the finest places to land your aircraft and experience the world-class amenities employed to back you up.

But, though world-class, amenities are still just one part of it. Dubai International Aiport DXB Dubai has the largest bag handling system in the world and one of its terminals is the building in the world by floor space.

This is not something to be taken quite lightly.

When you land safely, you can immediately opt to relieve your stress by booking your sleep pod for an hour to up to a night.

Feeling hungry? Well, one of the facilities that you'll need to eat is an ATM. After you withdraw, you can eat at the restaurant and the cafeterias available at the Dubai International Airport.

This world-class airport is one of the first and best places you could experience when you land in Dubai.