UAE Guides: Hire a Nissan Patrol on Rent: What’s in it for you?

January 27th 2021 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: Hire a Nissan Patrol on Rent: What’s in it for you?
Nissan Patrol offers a spacious and strong driving experience. Along with its staggering Horsepower of 400 bhp and 140 liters of fuel Tank Capacity, it also offers a 3 seating row. With its 7 seater capacity, this ladder-on-frame giant is secured by a strong and healthy anti-theft system. These are a little expensive when it comes to buying, however, there is a way through which you can gain the experience. That is by hiring Nissan Patrol on Rent.
Besides being speedy, strong, spacious, and having an anti-theft, it also offers extended mileage and economic fuel consumption. To exercise its features and experience these qualities, you need to operate it in a good environment. This is the reason why you may be able to see comparatively a lot of Nissan Patrol(s). As the Speed Limits are a little high and the roads are wide, both of these qualities are really supportive of the motor vehicle.

Nissan Patrol Specifications

Nissan Patrol is an all-wheel-drive 7 seater that has a staggering Horsepower of 400 (bhp)! It is a ladder-on-frame construction that is supposed to carry all the weight on its back. Ladder-on-frame is a chassis (base frame of a car or any wheeled vehicle) shape which is like a ladder of two vertical beams supported by several horizontal beams.
With its 140 liters Fuel Tank Capacity and 3 seating rows, it is supposed to be a comfortable travel partner for you and your family. What further makes it comfortable to handle is its ventilated disc front and rear brakes. Its Electronic Brake Distribution and Anti-lock Braking System also make their presence in its braking & traction system.
What's more? An attempt to move forth with safety is its Locks and Security Section. It has Engine Immobilizer System which prevents theft even if the intruder has gained entry into the vehicle. Moreover, it has an Anti-Theft Alarm to keep away the uninvited intruders, as well as a Central Locking and Smart Key. All of these features combine to make a complete and secure Nissan Patrol.
However, the Nissan Patrol is a little expensive as well. So you can also consider hiring it for rent as well. With Finalrentals it comes with a 3000 AED Security Deposit and you can book it by paying only AED 482.40. Whereas, the remaining amount from 6512.40/ month will be paid upfront at the time of delivery and pickup.

Nissan Patrol: Is it a Good Car? 

Nissan Patrol carries a good reputation for its reliability factor. Its reliability is as good as guaranteeing 60,000 miles approx., according to its engineers. This statistic particularly applies to its models that are available up to 2004. Another factor that adds to its reliability is its fuel consumption.
The fuel consumption of the Nissan Patrol is much economical compared to other motor vehicles. Moreover, Nissan Patrol requires low maintenance and also entertains its users with an intended mileage.
Patrol is a luxurious and comfortable drive if we specifically talk about driving it in Dubai. As there are wide roads and the speed limits are a little high. These conditions make Dubai a good place for operating a large and luxurious motor vehicle like the Nissan Patrol.
However, it is a banned vehicle in the United States. As for the U.S. It is said that the Nissan Patrol fails to make it up to the safety code of the country. Therefore it is banned to drive the car in America. This is among the most frequently asked questions regarding the Nissan Patrol.
The rest of the FAQs on this car are concerned with enquiring whether the Nissan Patrol is a good car or not. Which is something we have already discussed under this section.


Nissan Patrol is a luxurious all-wheel drive that entertains you and 6 of your peers. Besides offering extended mileage, its powerful engine offers a staggering 400 bhp and lets its ladder-on-frame chassis handle all the weight. Moreover, as you park the car, there is less chance of an unwelcoming intruder taking it away. As its powerful Anti-Theft Systems are healthy and cover different aspects of a theft.