UAE Guides: Finalrentals mobile app helps curate cheaper car rental deals

December 9th 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Finalrentals mobile app helps curate cheaper car rental deals

Winter is approaching in the UAE and which simply means that you go completely snazzy over the car rental deals that would like to grab for your road trips this summer.

There seems to be a lot of opinions for finding the perfect car rental deals and like flights and hotels, there is no magic sauce. Finalrentals’ mobile application(available in both Android and IOS) and website is possibly the best place to start with.

Just like with airfare, many factors can determine pricing as well. Rates can vary depending on whether the pickup is happening at the airport location, neighbourhood location and the time of the week (all in conjunction with the type of car selected). For instance, it is generally found that weekend pickups at the local rental agency often yield the best deal — but it doesn't hold true in every instance.

  • Avoid renting from the Airport

The airport has a captive audience, and when you have a captive audience, you can always charge more for it. This also applies to car rental agencies based at airports: Most of them tack on the extra surcharges because they know that they can. And these can add up.

It is cheaper a lot of the time to book at a neighbourhood location (or a location near the airport) instead of directly at the airport. It is even sometimes cheaper to book at a neighbourhood location and then take a taxi to the booked location.

  • Trust Car Rental Aggregator websites rather than Individual car rental companies

This is simply because aggregators have the best deals. Car rental companies give a subsidised price to the aggregators so that these high traffic sites can help generate more bookings for the respective car rental companies. So, it is basically a win-win situation for both the car rental company (because they are getting ample bookings) and also for the aggregators’ site because they are able to provide their trusted customers with a good deal and all the more reason to come back and refer to a ton lot of people.

Through aggregator’s websites, like Finalrentals you can get International brands like Budget, Payless, Dollar, Thrifty for a much lesser price than you would actually get if you directly communicate with them. So, it is a smart choice to look out for the best deals through Finalrentals’ website and mobile application, when you are searching for car rental deals.

Finalrentals also has great news for you. We are committed to giving you the best deals on car rental, so we are currently running a promotional campaign wherein, you get a further discount if you book through the Finalrentals mobile application (available both in IOS and Android). This app-driven promotion is aimed at further lowering the prices of the cars for our customers, and making car rental an easy experience like booking a movie ticket on the go.

Visit your Play Store (Android) or App Store (IOS) and download the Finalrentals app and start browsing and renting from reliable car rental brands on the go.