UAE Guides: Finalrentals makes it even cheaper to rent on mobile

December 15th 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Finalrentals makes it even cheaper to rent on mobile

We have some great news to share. At Finalrentals we are always innovating ways to ease the user experience while renting a car in Dubai and UAE. Guess what, this time, we have introduced special prices for customers booking using the mobile app, for cars like Kia Picanto, Kia Sportage and many more.

Kia Picanto is priced at 1260 AED on the website is priced at 1236 AED on the app, also Kia Sportage that is priced at 2100 AED on the website is priced at 2060 AED on the app. This promotion is valid for anyone who will rent a car in Dubai and UAE through the Finalrentals app.

Hurry now, and download the Finalrentals app on your Android or IOS and book car rental much cheaper than what you did on Finalrentals website. We have record-breaking prices, that no other car rental company can beat.

The aim of this promotional campaign is to offer our users a further lucrative deal and also to enhance their experience as customers by using the super-friendly mobile app for booking car rental services online.

At Finalrentals we care about how our customers interact with us. Those of you, who have already booked using Finalrentals know by now, that our rental agents and customer support team provide you with a more personalized approach for your rental requirements. “Not every car is for every renter”, this is what we firmly believe in and are striving each moment to curate tailor-made deals for our users, who approach us with specific requirements.

Finalrentals is not only about booking car rental services online, it’s much more than that, we are a booking platform where we care about the digital transformation and curate deals that are more tech-friendly. For example, this app promotion that we are running for selected cars right now would eventually mean more and more of our users would download the Finalrentals app and have a better user interface, avail the deals, and book lucidly.

This time, we figured out how we can bring a smile to your face. What could be more alluring than lowering the prices of selected cars on our app? Take this as Christmas and New Year present from Finalrentals. Download Finalrentals mobile app on Android or IOS and book now!