UAE Travels: Places to see while in Dubai

January 6th 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Travels: Places to see while in Dubai

Want to cut out on the monotony of a long tiring week or a month at work in Dubai? People often cut out on holidays and excursions because of the hefty budget that is often heavy on the pocket. However with Finalrentals renting a car and going for a road trip is just as easy.

Places you may visit for a road trip

Located on the borders of UAE, Khasab Musandam is a place that completely reflects the beauty of the middle east. Khasab is a city is Oman and it is also a capital of the Musandam peninsula. Khasab is located within a distance of 200 km in Dubai and can be easily reached within 2 to 3 hours, courtesy the amazing roads of Dubai. Choosing a cab service for this visit might take a slight toll on your pocket, so it is suggested you go for a car rental service. The convenient online car rental in Dubai, Finalrentals makes renting a car online a much easier process. Book a car through Finalrentals for the road trip and make travelling hassle free and explore the touring place more extensively.

One of the several ways to reach Fujairah involves cutting directly across the largely uninhabited desert and mountain lands of the UAE. In less than two-and-a-half hours, you can get here through Midriff and you’ll arrive to find the UAE’s finest watersports and seafaring activities. So let’s sum up- interesting views, breathtaking watersports and variable and quick road. A lot of road trip goals have been achieved already and we retain a fondness for Fujairah ever since a snorkelling trip a while back. Divers, weekend sailors and fishing enthusiasts tend to flock in this direction. Take the car of your choice from Finalrentals to Fujiriah and explore this amazing oasis in UAE. Your worry to rent car in Dubai for road trips ends here at Finalrentals. We offer great value rental without any hassle, so book online and forget about the nagging car renting procedure of standing in a que and following up with agents. Finalrentals makes online car booking so easy a process that you would remain assured of our service.

Jabel Hafeet The mountainous range of Jabel Hefeet acts as a kind of rocky guardian to the city of Al Ain, which lies beneath it. While some go to explore the ancient tombs that have been unearthed in the foothills, many rock up here simply to discover the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, widely regarded as one of the best drives in the entire UAE. On your way, you can spot an array of wildlife, including the country’s greatest diversity of birds, counting some 119 species. Bats, foxes, snakes and lizards are also native to the mountain, if they’re more your thing, while the hot-water springs of the Green Mubazzarah at the foot of Jebel Hafeet make for a great place to go for a dip.

Al Ain - UAE, being bound on all sides by desert, is hardly famed for its greenery, but as soon as you approach this most verdant of outposts on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, you’ll soon realise how it gets its “Garden City” moniker. On crossing the myriad roundabouts on the way in, make a beeline for Al Ain Oasis, the nation’s first curated Unesco World Heritage Site and home to the incredible irrigation system, known as Falaj, which was constructed some 3,000 years ago. As it’s a city very much in tune with water, you can’t possibly leave Al Ain. Take a trip to this wonderful getaway from Dubai with Finalrentals car rental service in Dubai. Book a car online in Dubai with Finalrentals and go for your most awaited road trip of the year.