UAE Guides: Step Into The Age Of Electric With Shift Car Rental

May 20th 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Step Into The Age Of Electric With Shift Car Rental

Why Would You be Interested In Switching To Electric?

Because It’s Accessible & Eco-Friendly

Shift Car Rental, brings you, Renault Zoe, an electric car. While the development of electricity is now a real solution to reduce our impact on the environment, it also offers fleet managers all the advantages of more responsible mobility, without compromising cost, performance, or comfort.

With its complete range of electric vehicles, Renault addresses the specific needs of key accounts, small fleets, and craftsmen customers. As part of this approach, Renault ensures its electric range is accessible to all, by developing an original business model allowing to rent the vehicle or lease it in a traditional manner, through car rental companies like Shift Car Rental, in the UAE. This solution allows us to offer an overall cost that is very competitive, at the same time as providing reassurance for users of this new battery technology.
Finalrentals along with Shift Car Rental empowers you with their electric car rental option like Renault Zoe only for 100 AED per day, to do your bit for mother earth. With care at the fulcrum of its vision Shift to green, by Shift car rental, is a conscientious move. Its promise to walk the torque on sustainability and pioneering in the field of renting electric cars in the UAE, it has now on its fleet the cutting edge “Renault Zoe”, that offers 300 km run on a single charge. Therefore, choose Renault Zoe, and drive away from the greenway!

Now is the right time to step into the age of electricity, for your company, your personnel, and your customer's needs with Finalrentals & Shift Car Rental.

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