UAE Guides: Dubai To Miami Flights - Emirates Launches A New Service To Miami

July 29th 2021 in Travel
UAE Guides: Dubai To Miami Flights - Emirates Launches A New Service To Miami

Dubai to Miami flights is the big news that hit across the region too delightfully.

Now people can travel from Dubai to Miami, but it's not as simple as that!

You see, Dubai to Miami flights have strengthened the Emirates-US network. And now, people can gain access to 12 different locations.

The 12 destinations include Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Orlando, Houston, and New York, Dallas among others.

So when the Emirates Gamechanger aircraft landed at the Miami International Airport, it received a water cannon salute.

The airline also welcomed the Guests to its Business Class Suites that allow 40 square feet of personal space. That is how they will know the quality of service that Dubai to Miami flights will be maintaining.

Dubai to Miami Flights: A Warm Welcome To The Boeing 777 Gamechanger By Emirates:

Emirates’ first flight to Miami received a rousing and a warm welcome. Just as flight EK213 land at the Miami International Airport, it received its warm welcome by a water cannon salute.

The Airline operated Boing 777 Gamechanger for its first flight. And what an aircraft that is. Guests were let on on the beauty of the aircraft when the Emirates welcomed them to see what Three-Class Boing 777 looked like, And it was absolutely jaw-dropping level beautiful.

Emirates FirstClass Offers suites on the Boing 777 up to 40 square feet of personal space. There are 8 private suites in the first class, and as for the business class, there are 42 lie-flat seats. Now for the Economy Class, it carries 304 spacious seats.

The newly launched service to Miami strengthens the Emirates-US network. How? The access is given for up to 12 destinations on over 70 flights per week.

12 Destination for Dubai to Miami Flights:

New York (JFK & Newark)
Los Angeles.
San Fransisco.
Washington DC.

Now, What's the Big Deal with the Dubai to Miami flights?

The fresh and strengthened Emirates-US network enables people to have more choice from the Emirates Network. It links travelers from Miami, Southern Florida, South America, and the Caribbean to over 50 points across the Middle East, West Asia, Africa, Far East, and the Indian Ocean Islands Via Dubai.

Now, that's not it. There is one more thing to consider here when we talk about what's the Big Deal with Dubai to Miami flights.

The lead time is cut short. Travelers can book with short lead times of 18-19 days. This is cut down from the extensive time 6-12 months, which is what normally they used to take.

Now the people who have experienced the long lead time know what a piece of good news that is!

So, what are the safety measures in Dubai to Miami Flights?

Make no mistake about it, the safety measures are kept intact. In fact, each safety measure is taken care of in advance and through careful integration of high-performing and complicated technology.

Take HEPA as an example. It's an air cleaner system that is integrated into the aircraft. It is responsible for cleaning the air and it takes down 99.97% of germs and bacterias. So, how about that?

Also, when you are visiting a restaurant, you will be able to use contactless menu systems. You will order the food without touching the Menu and you will actually get your food delivered right to your table.

Biometric Entry to the lounge is also taken care of.

So to be brief about the safety measures, below is the list of all the safety measures that you will encounter. Be it a Bubai to Miami flight or any Emirates Airport for that matter.

Safety Measures at Dubai to Miami Flights:

You will start your journey with a temperature check.
Floor markers are relevant to remind you of social distancing.
Contactless Biometric check-in for safe technology use.
Desks are equipped with a protective screen.
The area is frequently sanitized.
Biometric entry to the lounge.
Seats are sanitized in the lounge as well.
Enjoy your order from contactless menus.
Boarding is done in smaller groups.
The area is disinfected after every flight.
The aircraft is deep cleaned.
HEPA filters clean the air and help them remove 99.97% of Bacteria and Germs.
Temperature check in no time upon arrival.

Final Words.

Dubai to Miami is a huge step towards the global outreach and network of the Emirates.

That news came in pair with another amazing piece of good news, and that is a cut-down lead time.

So now, the people don't have to wait much for it. However, that is not the only thing that Emirates had for the people.

In Dubai to Miami flights or at any Emirates Airport, people's safety is the highest priority in every sense.

Did you read the safety measures against the spread of Covid that are maintained by Emirates?

Those measures are not only strict but they are also quite amazing, like contactless Menu and HEPA Tech in the aircraft.

So, are you among those who are getting in Dubai to Miami flights?

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