UAE Activities: Dubai’s Bucket List for the Summer Season: 12 Indoor Activities

July 22nd 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Activities: Dubai’s Bucket List for the Summer Season: 12 Indoor Activities

From terrifying escape games to premium cinema, there are only a few weeks left to complete your summer bucket list…

The season of trading beach days for indoor adventures is in full swing, so to keep you busy this summer we’ve rounded up the best ways to make the most of all of Dubai’s top indoor activities.

1.Defy Gravity

Ever wondered what it’s like to skydive but never want to step straight out of a plane? Then make your way to it. You’ll be taken up 4-meters in the air where you’ll go against gravity, held up like you’re free-falling.

2.Try your hand at glow-in-the-dark mini golf

Love a game of mini-golf? We do too. But we’ve never seen a course quite like this before. 3D Backlight Minigolf is a mini golf experience set in the dark, illuminated by neon backlighting and 3D effects that completely cover the walls and floor of the indoor course. Expect some epic visuals, from orange-hued desert scenes to the vibrant world beneath the sea. We’ve already got our eye on those neon golf clubs.

3.Satisfy your need for speed

Dubai Autodrome is an exciting day out for all ages offering the chance for people to discover their racing driver dreams. Their indoor space Kartdrome is perfect for when the weather gets too hot, and the younger ones can enjoy it too, with carefully monitored karting sessions for kids aged 7 to 12.

4.See a film in 270 degrees

The first of its kind in the UAE, you’ll find ScreenX at Reel Cinemas in the Dubai Mall. The 170-seater cinema boasts a 270-degree screen, which wraps around three of the cinema walls, leaving movie-goers feeling like they’re part of the film at times. The films are adapted to suit the screen, and although not all of the films will be shown in the 270-degree format, the parts really leave viewers feeling thoroughly immersed. For the highest impact, pick a seat towards the back.

5.Navigate an urban maze

Jumble combines the element of logic and puzzle-solving that we’re used to from other escape rooms in the city and throws in an extra dose of physical exercise and exertion. Teams of three to six people must work through the series of baffling rooms (there are 12 in total to choose from and over 100 puzzles to try). You’ll find yourselves crawling through tunnels, scavenging for clues, and scratching your head at blank walls, while a timer counts down to your doom.

6.Relieve stress at a Smash Room

Feeling a bit stressed out? Well, how’s this for a unique therapy session. The Smash Room lets you smash out all of your frustrations in a safe space – it’s essentially a rebel’s version of a day spa. The room is filled with old furniture, TVs, laptops, and mannequins, and you get to choose your weapon and show those objects who is boss (perhaps while imagining your boss). Packages start from Dhs99.

7.Brave a terrifying escape room

Escape room specialists No Way Out have ditched their family-friendly themes in favor of some seriously scary games. The most freaky of the lot is undoubtedly The Ring Room – yes, based on the horror film – which even features real-life actors. Shudder. How bad can it be? Put it this way – the room comes with its own health and safety clause.

8.Check out a virtual reality theme park

Another great activity for the hotter months is VR Park, the virtual reality attraction at The Dubai Mall. The park contains 21 experiences with different thrill levels – from a “dune bash” in the desert featuring encounters with camel spiders, scorpions and snakes, to a “Burj drop” which sees you propelled down the side of the Burj Khalifa. For Dhs119 you can get seven rides at the theme park, and for Dhs169 you’ll get seven rides, plus Dhs100 credit.

9.Work up a sweat at Dubai Sports World

We’re trading our al fresco adventures for sports indoors from now, and Dubai Sports World is back at Dubai World Trade Centre to keep us active indoors. The space offers activities including basketball, virtual golf, gymnastics, football and badminton, and entry is free – although you’ll have to pay to use certain facilities.

10. A gamer’s paradise

The UAE’s first immersive entertainment park, Hub Zero is a huge indoor facility with 18 awesome rides and attractions including climbing zones, virtual reality and games areas with adrenaline-filled activities like laser quest. Even if you haven’t got kids, this is a great place to head for a fun alternative birthday party. It’s a gamer’s heaven.

11.Step into a rainforest

It’s hard not to be impressed by nature at this tropical rainforest, home to over 3000 plants and animals. Little ones will be fascinated with activities such as The Sloth Encounter, The Bat Cave, The Sugar Glider Encounter and the new Australian Walkabout. There is also a wonderful variety of tropical fish to gaze at and, those feeling brave, can even hold a Python!

12.See a stunning water show

La Perle is a must-see for theatre and stunt show fans alike. The 90-minute show has been conceptualized by Franco Dragone, who is behind huge world-renowned productions like Le Rêve in Las Vegas and The House of Dancing Water in Macau. During the performance, acrobats and athletes dive from 25 metres into the changeable aqua-stage filled with 2.7 million litres of water, and fly around the theatre at 15 kilometres per hour.

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