UAE Guides: Drive Safe be Happy

July 3rd 2017 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Drive Safe be Happy

Dubai is a great place to drive. You can seriously enjoy driving in Dubai as RTA has done some remarkable work over the years to make Dubai one of the most beautiful cities to drive in. There are multi-lane roads, great bridges, and underpasses.

But, just like in any other city, it is possible to get into an accident or commit a traffic violation in Dubai. All of the roads are controlled by radars and speed cameras and, because the roads are so awesome, it is very easy to find yourself in a situation where you are speeding knowingly or unknowingly.

So, how do we avoid such a situation?

We at call this technique #happydriving

It is very important to stay calm and happy when you are driving and it will help you make fewer mistakes. Avoid the panic phone calls whilst driving and do not text and drive as this will distract you from the road and could likely cause an accident, and then only God can help you.

It has been observed that people make mistakes whilst driving when they are not sure of the directions or of the destination they are heading to. It is always advisable to use voice-activated GPS / Google Maps to help you with that. Always avoid making last-second yellow line turns, as it might affect the car behind you and could cause a crash.

Always discourage tailgating, and if a car behind you is doing that, please allow the car to go ahead by giving way so that you can drive in peace. Do not get into a battle with the car that is tailgating you, simply because it is important to give value to your own life and to the lives of those sitting with you in the car.

Yellow light jumping is another very important reason that you will end up getting a hefty fine, especially if the signal has a camera for signal jumpers. It is better to reach your destination 5 minutes late than reaching it 5 minutes early with a fine to pay.

 There can never be enough observations made or tips given to drive safely; I mean, people have written books about it, traffic rules and safety guides, and so on.

I hope the observations and tips mentioned above are good points to start your #happydriving.

We will keep sharing more tips with you.

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