UAE Guides: Car Vs SUV Pros and Cons: Highlighting The Crystal Clear Differences

June 8th 2021 in Cars
UAE Guides: Car Vs SUV Pros and Cons: Highlighting The Crystal Clear Differences

It's time for Sedan Vs SUV Pros and Cons! The difference between driving a Sedan and an SUV revolves around a few basic things: The structure, fuel efficiency, resale value (depreciation), engine power, and space.

However, it is important to know that the point of discussion here is not to suggest any of the vehicles as "THE ABSOLUTE BEST FOR YOU" You know how the promotion goes, right?

Well, the truth is THE BEST ONE for you from among the two is that which satisfies your needs and has what you want.

Now what that means is even after a world full of difference, the only one that is going to matter to you will be the one that has what you need.

OK... So, what's the point of Sedan Vs SUV pros and cons discussion then?

Well, it's not totally pointless either. You must know the Pros and the Cons (the differences) to decide which one will suit you the better, right?

This is why both sides of the coin are important. (Though the coin itself is "pointless").

Sedan Vs SUV Pros and Cons - Comparison

Here’s the basic and enlisted version of the Sedan vs SUV difference.

For a more detailed take on Sedan vs SUV advantages and disadvantages, you can jump directly to the next heading!



  • Fuel efficient.

  • Easy to handle and drive.

  • Better off in winding roads.

  • Moderate maintenance costs.

  • Better luxurious options.


  • Can't withstand the tough environment.

  • Low to moderate towing power.

  • Moderate seating space.

  • Moderate luggage space.

  • Resale value depreciates quickly.



  • Can Withstand tough environment.

  • Larger space.

  • Engine power.

  • Luggage space.

  • Safer option. (Relative characteristic).

  • Resale Value. (Slower depreciation rate).


  • Consumer More Fuel.

  • Comparatively less easy to handle.

  • Expensive to buy and rent.

  • Higher maintenance costs.

  • Possible instability in some models.

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Sedan Vs SUV Pros and Cons: 6 Distinctions That Makes The Difference!

Fuel Efficiency

Basically, the heavier the vehicle is, the more power the engine needs to push it forward. And how does an engine gets its power? Through the fuel.

Thus, the larger the frame, the more fuel the car needs. Therefore, an SUV needs more fuel than Sedan.

So as far as Sedan Vs SUV pros and cons are concerned, Sedan takes the upper hand when it comes to fuel efficiency.


Well, while having the discussion for Sedan Vs SUV pros and Cons, the cost is a crystal clear "Sedanese" advantage.

Sedans are obviously more affordable when it comes to buying. However, the case is no different when it comes to renting a sedan as well.

The thing is, SUV is a more complex mechanism which includes its larger size.

This is why SUV weighs heavier in the comparison of maintenance cost of SUV vs Sedan.

And Lastly, the more resources are utilized in the making, surely. Therefore the prices are kept high.

Easy to handle

Well again, the structure is going to get featured in Sedan Vs SUV Pros and Cons.

The smaller the car is, the better it can be handled. This is why Sedans are easy to handle than SUVs.

Also, since they are lower and near to the ground, you can enjoy a more comfortable experience on winding roads.

So as far as the quality of being easy to handle is concerned, Sedan takes the upper hand in SUV vs Sedan.


Well, a pretty obvious advantage that SUVs have over Sedans.

Usually, 6-7 people can really enjoy sitting and traveling with enough luggage space.

This is one among many reasons that make this vehicle a strong option for travel-seeking enthusiasts.

Tow power!

Sedan Vs SUV pros and Cons is incomplete without mentioning the power of tow!

When it comes to towing, sedans are not as good as SUVs. Well, pretty obviously because of their size.

When it comes to pulling some strong objects and vehicles, the bugger vehicle is your way to go!

The other reason behind its ability to do so is its pulling power that comes straight from the engine.

Car manufacturers know that you have to put in a stronger engine when you have a bigger and heavy structure. Well, it turns out what its engine can handle is not only the weight of the SUV itself but the weight of other vehicles as well!

Off-road survivor

What's the point of having Sedan Vs SUV pros and Cons discussion without mentioning the off-road experience?

If you want to go over and rock those mountains and spill some dirt over the course of doing so, then certainly you wouldn’t want a sophisticated vehicle, right? Well, this is where Sedans get eliminated.

Just like a heavy weight lifter with a gigantic structure can handle the pressure and rough conditions, generally speaking. The example of SUVs is no different! And indeed, SUVs are one of the few legitimate options to make these off-road experiences memorable!

Last Words...

Sedan Vs SUV Pros and Cons are pretty simple are apparent.

One is larger in size, thus has a strong engine, space for both passengers and the luggage, and can withstand the pressure.

While the other is smaller in structure, thus a little sophisticated, having less capacity to withstand pressure and a list of luxurious options within its category.

However, it is worth repeating that the point of having a Sedan Vs SUV difference is not an attempt to find out the absolute best.

The quest for absolute best depends upon how well your needs are satisfied by either of the two.

Just as when you find it, that one's the best!

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