UAE Guides: Are you an Expert or Tourist looking for car rental in Dubai?

January 16th 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: Are you an Expert or Tourist looking for car rental in Dubai?

Both ex-pats and residents who live in Dubai, find that renting a car in here is a more sensible option than buying a car. Dubai car hire companies are a dime a dozen here and cater mostly to the business traveler and short-term visitor, although long-term rentals are available from most rent a car company.

Dubai is a city that is best experienced on wheels; the city is designed for cars, most major roads are maintained in excellent condition and the signage, especially in Dubai, is well designed and easy to follow.

If you are an expat and already have a driving license in your native country, and your nation is listed in any one of the approved nations in the United Arab Emirates, then can you convert your license directly to a UAE license without having to undergo any road test. The following documents are required for the conversion of your driving license.

1. Emirates ID copy
2. Copy of passport and copy of your residency visa along with original passport
3. Eye Test certificate for the required category
4. Copy of your driving license along with original license (plus translation of license if from one of the countries named above) 5. Letter from sponsor
6. Passport photos x 2

However, if you are a tourist, looking for rental car options in the UAE, then also Dubai has some good news for you. The following documents would be it, to rent your dream car in Dubai and drive off.
• Copy of Passport
• Copy of Visit Visa / Visa Stamp
• Valid International Driving License

Passport holders of GCC, US, UK, Canada, and certain other countries can drive on their home country license in the UAE.

Apart from the experience of driving on Dubai’s clean, wide roads, there are several other benefits to renting a car here:

• Taxis, although cheaper than in most other countries, can still make a dent in your monthly budget.

• Although, Dubai has several travel options, public transport does not cover all areas of the city and is not always reliable. With the arrival of the Dubai Metro system in 2009, the transportation landscape of Dubai has changed drastically, but the Metro is still being developed to reach some of the more remote areas of the city and is available for travel only within Dubai.
• Hiring a car enables one to visit nearby emirates such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi with relative ease.

• When driving in an unfamiliar country, the chances of accidents on the road increase dramatically. If you do have an accident while driving a rental car, the hassle of police reports and insurance claims is born by the rental agency (provided you have all the required legal documents and relevant insurance) saving you the headache of having to deal with this.

• Most locals here are passionate about their vehicles and many rent-a-car companies stock luxury vehicles available for hire; if driving a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce is high on your list of things to do, there is no better place to find one than here in Dubai.

• Off-roading is a popular pastime here and a great way to experience the desert environment of Dubai. Driving in the desert, dune bashing, and exploring wadis (river beds) on the outskirts of Dubai require 4-wheel drives, which are readily available at most rental companies.

Driving in Dubai is more of a necessity rather than a choice as public transport is still being developed to ensure connection to all parts of the emirate. Although the Dubai Metro, which opened in September of 2009, connects major hubs in the city, and taxis and buses can take you pretty much anywhere in Dubai, bus frequency is not as high as most commuters would like.

Hence, it is much more convenient to have your own vehicle so that you can travel where you want at your convenience without having to rely on public transport. Renting a car is the best option for sure.

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