UAE Entertainment: Here Are Some Amazing Things To Do in Dubai Marina

July 8th 2021 in Travel
UAE Entertainment: Here Are Some Amazing Things To Do in Dubai Marina

Figuring out things to do in Dubai Marina?

Well, there are many. Some dust off your stress while others bring out the competitive soul in you. All in one place, Dubai Marina.

This residential district in Dubai is equipped with international tastes, luxury dine-in options, beautiful artworks, sports competitions, and a waterfront walkway!

Witness the architectural beauty as the yachts cruise through the water and enjoy your dinner in the meanwhile.

When you are done with luxury, you can go to Dubai Marina Shopping mall to get yourself some branded and quality stuff that you have been looking for.

Again, you can do all of those things in just one place.

Make sure you mark the beautiful places and amazing things to do in Dubai Marina and have a full-on experience!

5 Amazing Things To Do in Dubai Marina:


One of the amazing things to do in Dubai Marina is cruising! Cruise all the way, across the water!

Late to the show? Oh, no worries. You will see every hour a cruise departs from the Marina Promenade.

You can have a pretty good time while you at it. Just lay on the bean bags and witness the beauty of the Dubai Marina and feel the Emirates in the air while the vessel pierces through the water to travel across.

What makes cruising among the amazing things to do in Dubai Marina is also the fact that it's inclusive.

It allows you and your family to travel and witness the beauty all along, together.

Go Out for Dubai Marina Walk!

Feels like wanna dust off your stress? Well, the Dubai Marina walk is one of the things that can help you do that.

Take a stroll down the Dubai Marina walk which is a waterfront walkway.

The scene is absolutely amazing and it's a 7 km (4.3 mi) long walkway that is equipped with the right amount of greenery.

After you feel like you are refreshed, you can go and eat something at the nearby dine-in options.

You can also consider going out shopping at Dubai Marina Mall that houses multiple brands.

That way, you neither run out of options and nor you have to compromise on the quality.

Sunset Dinner Cruise at Dubai Marina:

It's a luxurious experience and definitely one of the things to do in Dubai Marina.

On this tour, you will be able to enjoy an open-air dinner on the upper deck and eat as you sightsee!

This is the luxury of this incredible service. However, as far as the dine-in options go, which are a necessity by the way, you have international choices and a dessert bar to keep your sweet tooth happy!

Now if you have already marked doing the sunset dinner as one of the amazing things to do in Dubai Marina, then you sure would want to check it out at night as well!

You can only imagine and hard so if you have not been there at night or at all for that matter.

The darkness of night only adds to the luxury and experience of a sunset dinner cruise at Dubai Marina.

Eat and witness the architectural beauty of Emirates as the cruise meanders along the water!

Witness the beauty of artworks at Gallery One:

If you are a die-hard fan of the artwork, then Gallery One is a Hot Spot for you and you surely want to mark it among the exciting things to do in Dubai Marina!

Gallery One is a hub for art and a medium to showcase the art of both, the rising talent and top-rated artists.

But what's most amazing about it is that you can buy the amazing art!

The artworks include photographs, wall art, and other beautiful artworks by various artists.

Take them home and make it sound, equipped, and decorated with amazing, heart capturing, and sight seizing artwork!

Dubai International Marine Club:

If you are a sports enthusiast and love to watch water sports, then mark this as one of the things to do in Dubai Marina.

You want to visit Dubai International Marine Club which is a hub of water sports that hosts multiple events at different levels throughout the year.

So Dubai International Marine Club is an absolute go-to place for people who want to watch water sports at different levels, which is national and international, and local as well.

Watch the competition go right off the bat! And the good thing about it is that Dubai International Marine Club hosts these events throughout the year.

So now, you don't have worry to set up a specific time to visit for catching up with water sports events.

You can catch up with events across the seasons as water sports are held across the year.

This is an absolute end all be all place and definitely one of the best things to do in Dubai Marina for sports enthusiasts!

Final Words...

So, what among this list excites you the most about Dubai Marina?

Is it the luxurious dine-in that lets you float over waters while you enjoy a world-class dinner?

Or are you more inclined towards the artwork that trembles the enthusiast in you?

And if you are more competitive, then the chances are that you will end up loving Dubai International Marine Club!

And lastly, there is Dubai Marina Mall that has multiple branded options and a number of shops so you don't run out of options!