UAE Guides: Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

February 7th 2023 in Car Rentals
UAE Guides: Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

Whatever time of year you visit, Dubai has much to offer you and your family for your holiday adventure. Here are five ideal vehicles for you and your family to explore Dubai if you like to rent a car.


Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

1. Hyundai Palisade  - 8.3

Most of us believe you never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression. When Hyundai introduced the three-row Palisade SUV, it appeared to have had this in mind. The Palisade immediately impresses with its ability to transport you, your family, and your luggage. The Palisade was the first three-row mid-size SUV to challenge the status quo, and it has not looked back.

Performance and Technology - 8.0

The Palisade braked consistently and effectively. In everyday driving, the brake pedal is easy to control for smooth stops, ensuring your sleeping children are not disturbed. The handling and steering are less impressive, but as you or your family navigate turns, the Palisade always feels smooth and in the right place. The Palisade is a stress-free companion in city and highway driving, thanks partly to an eight-speed automatic transmission that shifts smoothly. The Palisade includes many advanced driver assistance features, the majority of which are excellent. The accessible turn-signal camera display is gimmicky and distracting, but the rest of the driver aids are relatively calm. Like the others on this list, the Palisade does, however, come standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity and numerous USB-C ports distributed across all three rows (although only one, an old USB-A, can be used for phone connectivity). The 12.3-inch center touchscreen is visually appealing and includes navigation and several useful features. It will keep you and your family occupied.

Comfort - 8.5

Three-row SUVs aren’t constantly transporting six or seven people, so there’s something to be said for having a little peace when you or a family member is riding in the car. The Palisade delivers regarding road and wind noise and a quiet yet effective climate control system.

When driving long distances, the front seats provide a good balance of cornering support and comfort for you and your family. Second-row captain’s chairs are as comfortable as front seats in other vehicles. The third row is also relaxing, with a nicely contoured seat cushion. You won’t expect complaints from your agitated children.


Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

Interior - 8.5 

Featuring a spacious and comfortable interior for you and your family, the Hyundai Palisade blurs the lines between near-luxury and luxury. Though some of the controls on the center stack are out of reach, everything is well laid out and easy to understand. The driving position provides a commanding view of the front and sides and slightly limited rear visibility with the optional surround-view camera system.

The Palisade will also appeal to you or your family in the rear seats. The rear doors open wide, and you can easily slide the optional second-row captain's chairs up and out of the way by pressing a button. Once completed, there is a direct path to the third-row seat.

Two Weeks Plus

The average family attends to book holidays for two weeks plus. The Hyundai Palisade is available for rent for AED 4160.10 (AED 2080.05 per week) for a two-week period through Finalrentals UAE. This is a 40% discount off the original price of AED 5824.14


There’s plenty of room for grown-ups in all three rows

There are numerous standard and optional high-tech features.

Seating comfort and ride quality.


The handling isn’t as precise as that of some competitors

There are no hybrid power trains available.

Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

 2. Lincoln Navigator - 8.2

The Lincoln Navigator is one of our best family-fit vehicles to drive through Dubai with your family. This highly-rated vehicle has seven seating capacities with a spacious interior for your family and your luggage. 

Performance and Technology - 8.2

Despite its size and weight, the Navigator delivers excellent results and stress-free driving for you and your family. The engine is quick and efficient, the steering is smooth, and the body roll is maintained to a minimum when manoeuvring. 

The Navigator embraces modern technology with a first-rate infotainment interface, exceptional sound quality, extensive driving assistance, and various charging options for mobile devices. The built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless networking support for smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the icings on the cake, ensuring entertainment for your family member on all journeys. 

Comfort - 8.0

Reduce wind and road noises, and only a tiny amount of ambient noise penetrates, allowing young children to sleep even while traveling a long distance. Don't be concerned about the car waking up your sleeping children because the suspension is excellent at absorbing sharp bumps or changes in the surface. However, in hilly terrain, there may be a lot of body movement, which may be uncomfortable.

The front seats feature many adjustabilities to ensure you and your family have enough legroom and luggage space, especially if you travel a long distance. It could take some time to find a place you like. But once you do, you'll feel really at ease. The seat heaters and coolers work efficiently, so you don't even need to worry about your family members getting too hot or cold.

 Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

Interior - 8.5

The Navigator has a roomy interior. The vast doors make it simple for you and your family to enter and exit. Reaching the third row is made simple by conveniently placed handlebars, retractable step rails, and the second row's tilt and slide functionality. The adjustable pedals and tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel increase the range of comfort for the driver.

Although many features require some to get accustomed to, they are relatively straightforward. Despite the decent visibility for a vehicle of this size, there are certainly blind spots, especially up front due to the massive windscreen pillars. With the help of cameras, you or a family member may move around in constrained spaces; the 360-degree camera system is efficient.

Two Weeks Plus

The average family attends to book holidays for two weeks plus. The Lincoln Navigator is available for rent for AED 13891.50 (AED 6945.75 per week) for two weeks through Finalrentals AE. This is a 40% discount off the original price of AED 19448.10.


Strong turbocharged V6 with plenty of towing power.

Three rows of comfortable seats.

There is plenty of cargo space.

Simple technology interface.


Off-road capability is limited.

Some garages find it too large.

 Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

3. Kia Carnival - 7.8

The Kia Carnival is a multi-purpose vehicle that is ideal for family holidays. Amidst its spectacular styling, SUV-style interior, and gimmicky accessible fully reclining second-row lounge seats, the Kia Carnival is your classic minivan.

Performance and Technology - 7.3

The cruise control on the Carnival is slightly off-center, so keeping it in line while driving down a long straight highway requires a little more attention. In most cases, the driving experience is comparable to that of a minivan. The eight-speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly but slowly. The Honda Odyssey is a minivan designed for the driving experience. The minivan-driving zone includes all others, including the Carnival.

Comfort - 7.5

The Carnival’s front seats are some of the most comfortable in the minivan segment. They’re ideal for extended family drives; the heating and cooling functions work flawlessly.

Some may find the optional second-row lounge-style seats too gimmicky. You and your family can only fully recline and extend the leg-rests by sliding the seats to the center and back of the van. If you’re an adult, you’ll still be unable to fully open the leg-rest without your feet coming into contact with the front-row seats. The third row isn’t spacious as other minivans, but your children wouldn’t notice. 

Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars 

Interior - 8.5 

The Carnival has classic minivan interior features. It's roomy, versatile, and simple to get in and out of for you and your family. The Carnival's exterior design makes the rear sliding doors appear smaller than those on other vans, but they are functionally as big. Another benefit is the highly adjustable driver's seat; you or another family member can find a comfortable position. The outside visibility is excellent, and the large windows, as well as the available surround-view camera system, make it simple to see what's going on around you.

Two Weeks Plus

The average family attends to book holidays for two weeks plus. The Kia Carnival is available for rent for AED 8246.70 (AED 4123.35 per week) for a two-week period through Finalrentals. This is a 40% discount off the original price of AED 11545.38.


The style that stands out.

Many features for the price.

The seats are very comfortable, and the warranty is excellent.


It handles like a minivan. 

Some of the technology is simplistic.

Some controls necessitate an excessive amount of driver attention.

 Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

4. Ford Expedition  - 7.6

This large three-row SUV seats eight people and is one of the most influential and capable vehicles available. But it's also quite refined and offers nearly everything Ford offers these days in terms of technology, including BlueCruise, a functional hands-free driver assistance system for use on select highways. So, the Ford Expedition could be ideal if you plan on hauling a lot of stuff for your family holiday.

Performance and Technology - 7.5

The brake pedal is slightly squishy when first pressed, but it always comes to a smooth stop, which is essential. Steering requires little effort, which makes the Expedition feel less massive.

The navigation system appears a little dated, but it includes pinch-to-zoom functionality, which makes it quick and easy to use. The voice controls are straightforward and can help with essential functions. Wireless connectivity is standard with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration systems. The Expedition's advanced driver aids, such as adaptive cruise control, perform admirably but aren't as comprehensive as those found in some rival SUVs.

Comfort - 7.5

The Expedition's front seats are accommodating and convenient. They have multiple zones of lumbar support and even a massage function in the higher trims. The second-row seats are also relatively comfortable. The third-row seating is firm but comfortable for grown-ups. The Expedition's ride quality is also quite good.

The vent airflow is noisy and not particularly strong. Seat heaters may also disappoint if you or your family enjoy having them warm. On the plus side, the Expedition is remarkably quiet on the highway and in town.

 Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

Interior - 8.0

The Expedition makes use of its interior space. It's spacious and comfortable for you and your family. The third row's accessibility is especially impressive, allowing adults to enter and exit with little more effort than it takes to sit in the second row.

There are numerous buttons on the center console. It is not immediately intuitive, but it is easy to learn. It has an easy-to-understand design. The massive windscreen pillars reduce visibility in front. Even if the back window appears a mile away, a clear backup camera and optional 360-degree camera system make backing up less painful.

Two Weeks Plus

The average family attends to book holidays for two weeks plus. The Ford Expedition is available for rent for AED 9760.80 (AED 4880.40 per week) for a two-week period through Finalrentals. This is a 40% discount off the original price of AED 13665.12.


The Interior is immense, with plenty of passenger and cargo space.

A strong V6 engine provides quick acceleration.

The large display screen is standard (or even larger as an option).

It tows more than comparable-sized SUVs.


Real-world fuel economy is disappointing.

It's large size and slow steering make driving difficult.

Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

5. Ford Explorer  - 7.5

The Ford Explorer is one of the most popular SUVs on the market. It first appeared more than 30 years ago and sparked an American obsession with sport-utility vehicles that continues to this day. The Explorer has strong engines, cargo space, and standard safety features.

Performance and Technology - 8.0

If you or a family member value balanced handling and quick acceleration, the Explorer is the three-row SUV to get. Unlike many other SUVs in this class, it feels eager and light as you drive around turns. There are also a lot of grips. The Explorer comes standard with an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto smartphone suitability. The Explorer is well-equipped with driver assistance features. All Explorers have automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, cross-traffic and blind-spot warning alerts, and automatic high beams. Additional features are available as options or standards depending on trim level. These systems function correctly. The signals, however, sound too similar, and the lane-centering system may falsely accuse you of taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Comfort - 7.0

The front seats of the Explorer are well-shaped and comfortable. The seat comfort becomes less cushioned as you return to the second and third rows.

Operating the automatic climate control system may require more manual adjustments than anticipated; for example, when lowering the temperature, the air vents may pump out less than you or your family desires. Another disadvantage of the Explorer is that it should be quieter. The engine noise is not well muffled, and you can hear gusty wind noises even at moderate highway speeds.

Dubai’s Family Friendly Cars

 Interior - 7.5

The front seats have plenty of room, and the driving position is easily adjustable for you or any other family member. Because of the ample glass area and large mirrors, it is generally easy to see.

However, the middle and rear seat passengers are unaccommodating. The middle-row rear and legroom are not up to par with others, and the third row will not impress taller-than-average people. Back door access can be difficult due to the limited space between the large door map pockets and the prominent rear wheel arches. Although the third-row power-folding mechanism is convenient, somebody must lift you or a family member from the hatch area.

Two Weeks Plus

The average family attends to book holidays for two weeks plus. The Ford Explorer is available for rent for AED 8872.48 (AED 4436.24 per week) for a two-week period through Finalrentals. This is a 40% discount off the original price of AED 12421.47.


Engines that are powerful enough to accelerate quickly.

The rear-wheel-drive platform improves handling and towing capacity.

A fantastic collection of safety features.

Large cargo area.


Most trims are unavailable in hybrid, which is slightly more fuel efficient.

The third-row seat may be uncomfortable for grown-ups.

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