UAE Guides: 7 Driving Tips During Sand Storm

September 24th 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: 7 Driving Tips During Sand Storm

The Gulf is not new to sandstorm as it hits the region at least twice a year. This is why during this phenomenon; the probability of crashes is extremely high. Hence, motorists are advised to avoid driving at all cost when a sandstorm is forecasted. However, if you unluckily get caught up in driving during this weather condition, you need to find out the ways to survive it.

Here are just some of the powerful tips to get out of the road alive when the next sandstorm hits Dubai.

1. Drive Slowly and with Headlights On

There’s no other way to deal with the sandstorm than to drive slowly and keep the headlights and indicators on as there can be zero visibility.

2. Don’t Stop Abruptly

Be mindful with other drivers on the road by not stopping with a sudden jerk. Bear in mind that the lack of visibility can result in crash.

3. Keep Distance

When driving in sandstorm, don’t forget the golden rule—keep distance. Given that the sand covers the road, it adversely affects visibility to the point where drivers find it difficult to locate other vehicles.

4. Get to a Higher Ground

Did you know that the sandstorm’s intensity is at its peak when you drive closest to the ground? This is you need to search for a path that is a little higher than the ground level. By moving higher, the wind’s intensity also gets lighter.

5. Ensure the Windows are Locked

Well, this is common sense. It is also important to close the air vents for superior protection. If you have a face mask, wear it to prevent the dust from sneaking into your respiratory tract.

6. Pull Over

When the sandstorm’s intensity increases, pull over and turn off all the lights. Take note that doing the otherwise can misdirect other drivers thinking if it’s the way on the road. In addition, don’t resume driving until the road gets cleared up to 300 feet.

7. Keep Calm and Relax

This last tip is the simplest and yet ironically the hardest thing to do–don’t panic. If your car is being hit by hard objects that fly through the sandstorm, just stay calm and don’t drive fast. Any damages to the car is repairable, but don’t risk your life and the lives of other road users just to save your car.

There you have it. These are the ways to maneuver safe from sandstorm, if you unfortunately find yourself driving during sandstorm. By keeping calm, being alert and knowing the right things to do during this phenomenon, you will be able to survive it.

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