UAE Guides: 6 Best Car Options new Drivers can Choose from

September 2nd 2019 in Driving Tips
UAE Guides: 6 Best Car Options new Drivers can Choose from

Selecting the car to drive for underage car rental (drivers below the age of 25 years) is quite a common issue among young drivers. Even though most of young people would like to be driving a sports car with a black or red outfit, especially if they will be carrying their families, the optimal car selection will depend on the factors such as:

• Fuel economy
• Safety
• Insurance details
• Price

Which models are the best for renting?

We have prepared a small list of alternatives for the young drivers’ selection. We tried our best to select both economic and good-looking ones so that they will still don’t feel as old-school while driving.

For Fusion

Ford Fusion is one of the most popular models since it was introduced to the market and is still one of the most rented cars. It is great for a family as it has plenty of room inside, while it has amazing interior and exterior designs. Since it is not too strong with an engine size of 2.5, it is relatively economic in terms of fuel consumption when compared to the sports models.

Chevrolet Malibu

Many of the young drivers will enjoy driving this model due to its design, just like Ford Fusion. In fact, these two models somehow look similar and they have similar characteristics. The sportive side is more dominant as in all other Chevrolet models and it is a model that will attract the youngsters for sure.

Kia Optima

The Korean beauty is also a similar class car for families and underage drivers in terms of being suitable and capable of anything required for a nice family vacation trip. With its 2.4 liter engine, it is strong enough and economic in the meanwhile. The extra specialty that it provides is the comfort that would please anyone.

Honda Accord

Another beautiful, strong, comfortable, economic and family-size car is Honda Accord. The Honda quality and comfort would make any young driver proud while taking their family for a ride around their town.

Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima is another great selection for young drivers to enjoy their rides when taking their family to a long weekend tour. It is a little bit more comfortable and more sportive in terms of design and appearance. With its strong enough engine having a size of 2,5 liters and a classy appearance, the underage drivers will feel the confidence and joy of driving this beautiful and quality model.

Toyota Camry

The last but not the least suggested model is a Toyota. It would be impossible to un-consider a Toyota model when having a look at the cars, and voila, the Camry stands there as a perfect selection. Its interior and exterior design are as good as always and the Toyota quality will bring you everywhere you wish to, except for the terrain for sure. As a great alternative to a family trip car for young drivers, it will be more than enough with its 2.5-liter engine and high safety options.

How Can I Decide Which One of These Models to Rent?

If you cannot decide on which model you would like to use as your car rental option, you can just go ahead and pick one of them. We tried to collect fancy, safe and quality models for you and all of them would meet your demands. Anyways, you will enjoy your drive.

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