UAE Guides: 5 Phenomenal Luxury Car Manufacturers - The Market Leaders

June 16th 2021 in Cars
UAE Guides: 5 Phenomenal Luxury Car Manufacturers - The Market Leaders

A luxury Car is a choice of those who choose elegance against all odds.

Exclusive luxury cars are a premium experience, this is why top super luxury cars are admired.

That being said, we are going to dive into the 5 high-end car brands that are possible the best performers in the game.

However, it is important to note that they are not in any particular order, so starting from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Tesla, and Porsche with Sales Data and Model Information.

Ready to dive headfirst into the list? Here we go!

Luxury Car - 5 High-End Car Brands:


It is one of the best performers on the list of luxury automotive brands.

Despite being among the front leaders in the field of luxurious car brands, it manages to secure its position by coming up with carefully engineered models.

One such example is The 2022 Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S SUV, Supreme Utility Vehicle is how they define it.

One of the reasons why they call it so is because of the integration of Artificial Intelligence-based Voice Control Multimedia System.

What adds to the luxurious perks of this vehicle is Driver Assistance Systems. The system is aimed at supporting the driver and ensuring the safety of the lives of those around.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the leaders in the best high-end luxury cars domain, being manufactured in around 30 countries in the world.

One thing about its models is both ends of functionality; day-to-day and racetrack performance.

In fact, in 2018, Mercedes-Benz became the largest seller of luxurious cars, selling its masterpieces across the Globe.

Thus, it is not for us but the world to decide, and the data tells us that it's one of the best luxury car brands in the world.


Before we mention anything about the brand's model, one of the best things that Audi has done is reconcile itself with the era of E-commerce.

Since it has partnered up with Amazon, you can order and get an Audi delivered to your home.

B A F F L I N G!

However, when we talk about luxury cars and the most luxurious cars, we definitely know that Audi has its place as one of the industry leaders in the game.

Now for its model, e-Tron SUV has dominated the market sales for Audi.

e-Tron Luxury Car (SUV) is equipped with two electric motors which quickly accelerate and bring out the electric acceleration of sudden pace from 0 to 100 km/h.

Another of its masterpiece luxury car that capitalized on the Audi sales is e-Tron Sportsbacks. When you look at it, you'll expect nothing of it other than being among the top super luxury cars.

It's a beautifully constructed masterpiece that gives off the premium look of its octagon design. And what are your guesses for its HP? It's a staggering 402 horsepower vehicle!


BMW is a luxury car manufacturer that has captured the hearts of many online, as it is also called a premium car manufacturer online.

In fact, it became the fourteenth-largest car manufacturer in 2017, producing 2,279,503 vehicles. As for now, BMW iX is to receive an update that has never been seen before.

What will be all new to the luxury car by the end of 2021 are over-the-air upgrades. It's BMW operating system getting installed for the first time, something that has never been witnessed before.

If you look at the North America Reports, you will see that there were 52,573 vehicles being sold in just the fourth quarter of 2020.

Even if that's a decrease on the BMW's part because sales used to be higher than that, it's still a staggering statistic!

BMW to this day remains one of the known, recognized, and admired luxury car producers that have an outstanding market performance, capturing the hearts of many as a consequence.


Tesla seems to be enjoying the spotlight for a long time for its luxury car production. What Tesla and BMW have in common is the brand online interaction.

Tesla's online popularity is what adds to its overall impact and of course sales thereby. As for now, the brand is arguably the most sought-after and highest luxury car producer in the world.

Its trending posts and videos are organic and you can see people interacting with the conceptualization of luxury cars that Tesla is able to market.

As for the successful metric from the company, it was able to come up with and produce 180,338 vehicles in just the first quarter of 2021.

The statistic strikes right at the heart of the ability to imagine. One such masterpiece from Tesla's Sedan Luxury Cars is the iconic Model S Plaid.

You can check its features out from here.


Porsche, among the top popular luxury car makers and perhaps the best luxury car manufacturer in the world.

Its premium design and carefully engineered structure appeals to the eye and captures the heart. The most attention-seizing designs are 718, 911, and Taycan.

911 is a bit mellowed down from the front whereas Taycan is kept up-right. As for the 718 luxury car, it is nearer to the sports car's look than the two.

Now with regards to sales for luxury car Taycan, they amounted to 20,015 in 2020. However, the orders for 911 took the upper hand by totaling up to 34,328 in the same year.

While on the other hand, sales for 718 models also found their way to the consumer market by totaling up to 21,784.

Such data for a luxury car with regards to its demand and consumer attention is amazing!

Final Words.

High-end cars come with a phenomenally exceptional experience that exceeds in comfort and variety.

This is exactly why the most luxurious car in the world would appeal to most of us, and the expensive car brands know it.

But is not just about the most luxurious car, it's about the advancement and integration of technology that contributes to comfort.

The mix of technology and high-level comfort is what's common among the best high-end luxury cars. So, do you happen to be a fan of luxurious cars?

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