UAE Explore: 5 Amazing Women in Tech in the UAE

March 8th 2021 in Explore
UAE Explore: 5 Amazing Women in Tech in the UAE
Do you know the role of Women in Tech? Today, let us see from a different perspective.
A perspective from which everything seems bigger and better. A perspective which only a few can generally hold. Let us throw a quote your way to describe what it is that we want to say.
“Where there is a woman, there is magic - Ntozake Shange”
Today, we are particularly going to focus on the magic and see where the sparks shone from the works of 5 amazing women in tech in the UAE and how they helped the tech industry, bit by bit.
Let’s learn about the importance of women in information technology today!

5 Women in Tech in UAE:

Joy Ajlouny:

It takes a norm-breaking brought up to become a norm-breaking entrepreneur!
Joy Ajlouny, One of the women in Tech in the UAE was raised in the United States where her Palestinian parents would discuss business all over the table. With hard work implanted within her DNA, she slowly but surely made it to the top.
Today, she is the co-founder of a technically intricate business and it’s all about challenging the traditional supply chain model. You can learn more about Fetchr here.
Indeed, she is one of the prominent women in IT industry,
However, it all started back when she was not among the women in Tech when she was just 10. She was managing a lemonade stand right in front of her house. And perhaps, it was the most important time in her upcoming career flights. She made a little turn-around in the recipe of her lemonade by including the addition of organic sugar, and it worked out pretty well with her customers. It is this lemonade recipe that serves as the basis of what she does today.
With all that she has achieved in the tech industry, she is now known as the Global Startup Queen, Joy Ajlouny.

Ambareen Musa:

It may take Ambareen Musa to Globalize your business today!
As she is famous for being the CEO of Souqalmaal, she was something much bigger even before. Just as we say 'coming events cast their shadow before, the case was no different in her case.
It was back in 2008 when she moved to UAE and started consulting for Bain and Company Middle East. Her job here was to think about how to bring about a blast in the growth of banks in the region. This is probably where you can say that her journey to rank among women in Tech started out.
Then comes 2012, when she entered the consulting arm of the well-known MasterCard Middle East and Africa. These may possibly be her last commercial movements recorded before laying the basis of Souqalmal.
Her professional and educational career revolves around business. That's why she is recorded as having multiple roles in the business industry as well which also includes things like customer advocacy and playing her role in financial literacy as well.
Today, she is one of the prominent women working in technology.
Looking at her achievements, she was filled up with the potential to outreach far beyond every single milestone of her career.
And perhaps it may be that her present potential is still full like it had been before. And perhaps, this may be what it takes to become what Ambareen Musa is.

Raja Al Mazrouei:

Do you seek the vice presidency in a monetary establishment? You may just have something to learn from Raja Al Mazrouei.
Raja Al Mazrouei holds her position as executive vice president in Fintech Hive at DIFC. And therefore, has a highlighted position among the Women in information technology.
Her job is to keep her eyes on the FinTech accelerator and let her run intact and in cooperation with different institutions of society. These institutions are of the law, meaning Government entities, entrepreneurs, and technology partners.
For her, all of these institutions hold a critical value as she understands their role in society.
What drives her is the fact that she wants to establish DIFC: Dubai International Financial Centre as the focal point for FinTech in the region.
Her role is particularly important, more like a building block that is just a medium to keep the brick wall from falling. She is positioned to interact, engage, and attract media to propagate DIFC and facilitate partnerships in FinTech markets. All of it just adds to her presence when it comes to women in technology.
Perfectly positioned and playing such a key role in DIFC, now Raja Al Mazrouei is standing at the cliff of her life, where 'flight' comes as the next step.

Tanaz Dizadji:

Women have been influential, Women can be influential, and Women are influential. Take a look at Tanaz Dizadji.
Tanaz Dizadji is ranked among the 50 influential women in the Arab world. And also has her position secured when it comes to the women in the tech forum. What does she do? She is the founder and CEO of BuzzBee, Brand Ripplr, and Insydo.
If we talk about Insydo, which is one of the companies that she runs, what backs the concept of her company is hidden under her past professional life.
It is her professional experience in tech, finance, and marketing. The inside uses digital resources to play its role as a search-centric city guide. What it does is provide people with curated recommendations.
However, how she started out was plainly different. She started out as a chartered accountant at PwC in London. Her chartered accountancy skills were being utilized in investment management at PwC London, and this was before her dive into the digital world. After which, her journey of making it into the list of women in tech was to begin.
Then dove headfirst into the digital world by taking the position of Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Omnicom Media Group.
Now it was her time to capture the opportunity, or rather we should say opportunities to throw her artistic skills at START and Elephant Parade. It all worked out well, and Tanaz Dizadji decided to acquire a leadership set of skills before she could start her journey as a founder.

Najla al Midfa:

The norm-breaking individual in the history of the United Arab Emirates, simple as that.
When it comes to the women in tech statistics in the Arab world, Najla Al Midfa secures her position as a history-breaking female!
Najla al Midfa is the first Emirati female who joined the board of the United Arab Bank. This course of history took a turn in 2012 when the first Emirati woman joined the board. today, she stands as one of the 50 influential women in the Arab World. She acquires the position of General Manager in Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa). It is a key position in the government entity that solely focused on influencing the next generation of entrepreneurs.
She has been playing her role in the world of commerce as a member of the board of directors, the risk committee, and the Chairman of the Audit Committee at United Arab Bank as well. She has also played her role as a vice-chairman young leader.
However, she was not centered only around her list of achievements, which is why she took the initiative Khayraat'. Khayraat is focused on supporting young Emiratis so that they can 'make informed decisions. Something that Finalrentals itself is a fan of.


Women in Tech can do magic, and so the one reading this can be no different. These 5 above-mentioned women in information technology careers have done, achieved, and contributed to the tech industry. Today, they all stand their ground as few but catching the eye percentage of women in technology.