Budget Rent a Car

Terms and Conditions

Do these rates include CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) ?
YES with Damage Excess Liability
Do these rates include Third Party Liability? - YES
EXCESS? - 3000 AED for small vehicles and 4000 AED for large vehicles; You may add SCDW Insurance at the time of delivery/pickup, extra charges may apply depending on the car category.
Toll Road (Salik)
- 5.25 Aed / 1.44 USD per crossing ( applicable in Dubai only )
- Pump price per liter + a refueling charge as per Budget fuel chart
Vehicle License Fee / Vehicle Tracking device fee
- 5.25 AED ( 1.10 USD) per day but not more than 80 AED (21.80 USD) per rental
One Way Fees
- Between Abu Dhabi and other emirates and vice versa 189 AED/52 Usd per way. Between Dubai, Sharjah, and Northern Emirates and vice versa 105 AED/28.61 USD per way. Between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and vice versa 105 AED /28.61 USD per way
Traffic Offences / Parking Fines *
- 10% or AED 52.50 whichever is higher as administration fee per offense + fine cost*
Parking Fee
- 52.50 AED / 14.40 USD Dubai Airport and 26.25 AED/ 7.15 USD Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Airports
Additional Driver
- 52.50 AED/ 14.30 USD per day ; monthly rentals - 210Aed / 57.22 USD per month
Super Collision Damage Waiver
- Optional - reduced the excess liability to zero. Prices as per rate matrice
Baby seat / Child seat
- 35 AED/ 11 USD per day per seat / on request and upon availability. Please specify the age of the baby / child
- 52 .50 AED / 14.40 USD per day / on request, upon availability - 709 AED / 194 USD for rentals 21+ days per month
- 26.25 AED / 7.15 USD per day for daily and weekly. Monthly 157.50 AED / 43 USD per month for rentals 21+ days
- 52.50AED / 14.40 USD per service within city limits
- 52.50AED / 14.40 USD per service within city limits
Out of Hours (Delivery & Collection) & out of the city limits
- 105.00 AED / 28.61 USD per service within city limits
Mileage allowance (< 30-day rentals)
- Unlimited for rentals less than 28 days
Mileage allowance
- Maximum of 4000 km per month for rentals above 30 days
Additional mileage charges
- 0.42 fills / 0.11 USD for every km over 4000 per rental
-A major credit card is required. Payment in advance and security deposit will be taken from Credit Card. For luxury cars, the customer should present two major credit cards. A signed credit card imprint will be taken at the start of all rentals for security reasons. The imprint may be used to cover any additional charges at the end of the rental. E.g. fuel, rental extension, accident or damage charges, toll road crossings (Salik), and traffic fines. Debit cards are not acceptable for a security deposit. They can only be used for payment. Cash or Debit cards are not acceptable for a security deposit as well.
-Traffic Offences / Parking Fines are the responsibility of the driver. We will provide driver details to the relevant agencies upon notification of offense.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - late posted traffic fines & salik
- In case of receiving late posted traffic fines & Salik, they will be charged to the customer after sending a notification e-mail. Upon request the details of the fine / salik crossings will be sent to the customer.
- Grace period is 2 hours and if the car is returned later a full day will be charged. We guarantee the reservation for 6 hours from the time of booking.
- The customer should provide a valid major credit card /s/ with enough funds for security deposit. The estimated rental cost will be purchased in advance. Approval for an amount between 1500 AED and 4000 AED depends on the rental duration and car category.
Drivers are required to produce their original passports as a form of identification.
All national licenses must be valid and held for a minimum period of one year.
All drivers on a visit or transit visa must produce their original national and international license.
Only visitors from the bellow countries are allowed to drive with their national driving license UK, USA, France, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Canada, Poland, Korea, Finland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Portugal, Hong Kong, Singapore and CHINA
Visitors from Republic of Korea, Japan, Turkey and Greece are requested to have a translation of their license approved by the Council or Embassy. However it is recommendable to obtain an international driving license GCC National licenses are acceptable if drivers are holding a GCC passport. GCC countries are as follows:
Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.
Expatriates holding a GCC license are acceptable provided that the driver must have a current residence visa for the GCC country that has issued the license.
In the case of expatriates with UAE employee visa or residence, a UAE license must be produced. In the case where the UAE license is less than 12 months, their national license should be produced together with the UAE license.
Drivers from other countries must have a valid International license plus their own National license.
National or International licenses alone are not acceptable. For additional drivers the above points apply as for the main driver.
Minimum age for driving is 21 years, for Cadillac & Lexus it is 25 years.
Vehicles can be driven in Oman only. Booking must be sent on request and needs to be confirmed by us.
Oman Entry/Exit points: DXB (Al Wajaja Hatta Border) – You need a No Objection Letter in Arabic (provided by Budget).
Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain and Sharjah Kalba borders - we do not offer Oman trips from these exits.
*Not allowed to drive into Salalah
One way is available to Muscat only. The one way fee is 1000 AED / 270 USD.
Additional charges for all cross border rentals: surcharge of 20 % from the local tariff rate for each day the car is in Oman and Oman Insurance-AED 263/ USD 72(valid for 7days) and AED 525/ USD 143.05 USD(valid for 8-30days) if the car is not in Oman. Travel to Salalah is not permitted. Premium and Luxury cars / grp. G,K, M, N, L and L1 are not allowed to cross the border.
Insurance covers the use of of the vehicle in U.A.E. only, unless prior agreement is given by Budget UAE.
Vehicles are covered by full comprehensive insurance as per the UAE laws. However, a police report must be obtained at the time of an accident or in case of damage. If the renter failed to produce a valid police report to Budget UAE, all charges incurred will be the responsibility of the client, even if CDW / SCDW has been taken. No replacement vehicle will be supplied and rental charges will continue until a police report is received along with any other relevant documents.
- In case of an accident and/or damage, the client is required to pay excess liability if SCDW is not taken. A valid Police report is also required.
- In the event of theft of a rented vehicle, the police must be notified immediately; otherwise cover would be rendered void.
- Punctures, Tire damage, wheel caps, aerials and windscreens are not covered by insurance, even after paying CDW /SCDW unless the damage is caused as a result of an accident and the client has obtained a valid police report.
- Off-road driving renders the insurance invalid even after paying CDW / SCDW.
- Loss or damage to personal items is not covered under the terms of the insurance.
- Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs renders the insurance invalid. N.B. Alcohol limit is ZERO.

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