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Rent A Car in Hamad Bin Abdullah Road- Hamad Bin Abdullah Road Overview:

Hamad Bin Abdullah Road is a road that not only connects Fujairah to Dubai but also supports singles and small-sized families in terms of residence.

Rent a Car in Hamad Bin Abdullah Road. The Road is a 2 minutes neighbor to Fujairah International Airport through Al Sharqi Road. Moreover, the road offers residence options to singles and small-sized families. If you are any of the two, then you can easily opt for the small apartments for your residence on Hamad Bin Abdullah Road. Moreover, you can easily find options like Bank, Sweets, Ladie Slimming Center, Sharjah Islamic Bank, and Al Falah Optics.


  1. Connects Fujairah to Dubai.

  2. The Road offers residence options for single and small-sized families.

  3. Fujairah International Airport is a  minute neighbor if you take Al Sharqi Road.

  4. You can find places like Bank, Sweets, Ladies Slimming Center, Sharjah Islamic Bank, Al Falah Optics.

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